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An Adventure at the Paradise Bay Resort….

It had been a wonderful vacation and it was about to get even better at the resort.  The second day that they had been there, the hotel had offered a free boat cruise around the bay.  It was on this cruise that he had meet first met her.

To be honest, he had noticed her right away. Long, dark hair that reach down to her lovely tight ass. She wore a beach cover up that did nothing to keep his mind from visualizing on how her body looked under it.  Her legs were tight, taunt, and you could tell she took care of herself.

When the boat had reached the reef, the crew prepped the boat for the snorkeling part of the cruise, she had positioned herself in front of him, where she peeled off her cover up.

At first, she pulled her left arm out, then her right. Her head dropped slightly to the her right side, and he caught her looking over at him. Had she caught him staring at her? Luckily, he was wearing his sunglasses, his eyes hidden behind the mirrored lens, and he took all of her loveliness in. He wondered if he had subconsciously licked his lips as he stared at her. Would she notice? Would she be offended? Or perhaps she wouldn’t have noticed him at all because he was an average guy.

Yet, he was sure she had smiled mischievously at him as she looked in his direction.

With her arms and shoulders freed from the coverup, it slide down her body and fell to the deck of the boat. She stepped out of the cover up, freed her legs and feet and stood before him, just a sexy woman, one to be admired, worshipped, and pleased.

He shook his head, to shake the sexual thoughts away.

Her back was towards him and he felt his cock rising as he stared at her. She was gorgeous. While some women might have worried that they were getting older, less attractive, she had nothing to worry about. The red bikini she wore accented her assets in a flattering way.

Damn, he had to stop looking at her and distract himself with something else. He didn’t want to be that weird guy. He just was that normal, hot blooded male that missed sex. Oh, how he missed sex. His wife was with him on this trip but she really had no interest in him. Damn, and his wife was sexy too. Was he that bad in bed? Was he boring to her? The lack of sex was making him question himself; his self esteem was on a downward spiral, getting worse and worse.

He hadn’t noticed that the deckhand was asking if he wanted a Mai Tai. She was good looking as well and this cruise was now becoming a bit of a torture for him. On the other hand, it was also just prefect.

He turned his attention to the other guests and saw his wife getting her snorkel gear on. His wife bent over to tighten her fin and he still enjoyed that view. He was glad he was still attracted to her. She was hot as the day he met her.

On the other side of boat, Jason notice that the red hot bikini wife, her husband and teenage son stood close to each other.  He was still amazed that she was the kid’s mother. Her son and husband put on their snorkel gear and entered the water but she remained behind. The rest of the hotel guests jumped in the water, and a few stayed on board and enjoyed the complimentary Mai Tai drinks.

His wife jumped in the water as well. He watched her as she swam around, her white bikini bottom a pleasant contrast to her tan skin. He snapped a few photos of her in the water, waving at him. She would post them, and her friends would comment on how fun her vacation looked, how jealous they were, how they wished they were there. Sigh, and he would just smile, enjoy the scenery, and hope his cock didn’t shrivel up and die from lack of use.

The red hot bikini wife bent over at the waist to pick up a napkin she had dropped. Her firm ass and toned legs were right in front of him. Again, he felt his cock grow harder. He shifted in his seat to move his hard erection around. Maybe if he shifted he could get it to soften a bit. But he enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock in his bathing suit. The fabric rubbing the tip of his cock, making him even more excited. Did she do that on purpose? Did she sense that he was so horny, that he didn’t get any, and that we would probably explode by her just moving around?

Before she made him even harder, he made his way to the edge of the boat and jumped in the water. The warm saltwater felt amazing against his body. He took some strokes around the boat, he swam through the water easily, the years of competitive swimming forged in his muscles’ memories. He glided and let his muscles tighten and then relax as he swam around the boat.

He found the ladder and pulled himself out of the water. Dripping, he grab a towel from the stack, and wrapped it around his waist. He was a little older, maybe not as fit as he use to be but he wasn’t dead yet.

He grabbed a Mai Tai from the bartender and wandered over to the boat’s railing. He felt someone lightly brush against him, and he looked over his shoulder to discover it was his hot red bikini woman.

“Excuse me,” she offered, “I’ve brushed up against you as I’ve walked by.”

He noticed that she didn’t say “sorry” for brushing up against him. But rather she stated an oblivious fact. She meant to brush up against him, she meant to draw his attention away from the ocean and to her. She didn’t have to try too hard to do that, his mind kept wondering if she knew he had noticed her early.

Hell, she must have know what she was doing to him. I’m so damn clueless, he thought to himself. I’ve been out of the game so long that he didn’t know how to flirt. He didn’t know if someone was just being nice to him or genuinely interested in him.

Of course, she had noticed him. And she then noticed how he paid attention to her as she undressed on the boat. She had done it on purpose because she needed someone to notice her, to pay attention to her.  When was the last time her husband had paid attention to her like that? Even looked at her like that?

She had hoped that coming to Hawaii would get her husband excited in her again. They had a rather drab sex life now, he was good for a few minutes until he got off but he would now leave her unsatisfied, making her want so much more. How many times had she finished herself off after he came? How many lonely nights had she pleased herself because he was too tired? Or just didn’t care?

But now, here was an attractive man that had noticed her. She was in Hawaii and enjoying the sun and water, and she might as well enjoy the attention she was getting. She just wanted to know that she was still wanted. To know that she wasn’t dead.

Sometimes she wondered if her husband even wanted to be on this trip. He would probably have been happy staying at home, sitting in his man cave, watching TV or playing on his computer. Was she that boring of a wife? Not sexy enough? Getting him to have sex with her was a chore.  He was always too tired. She woke up before him! And he bragged about how easy his desk job was.

She drank her first Mai Tai rather quickly and perhaps that is when she gain the courage to brush up against the handsome stranger. She would do it rather subtlety, she told herself.

She walked by him, and purposely brushed up against him as she planned. This would give her an excuse to talk to him, to interact.

She walked past him and brushed against him. Crap, she thought to herself. That was a little harder than she had meant to do it.

He had felt her brush against him and it was so nice. That slight touch was great. Ah, I’m just a horny bastard, sex craved man, he thought but he really wanted to do it again.

“Excuse me,” she offered, “I’ve brushed up against you as I’ve walked by.”

“Oh, that’s quite all right. It’s a small boat. I’m sure it might happen again by accident.”

Did I really just say that to her? Jason thought to himself. Would she think he was a crazed lunatic?

She laughed at his joke. At least he wasn’t being a jerk about it.

“I’m Ana.” She offered her hand out.

“Jason, “ he shook her hand, “You staying here for a while?” he asked.

“Until Saturday. What about yourself?”

“We are also staying here until Saturday as well. How are you little our resort so far? I think it is a hidden gem.”

“Hmm, I have to agree with you. Small, charming, and cozy. Wonderful views and the drinks and food are amazing. I love this Mai Tai.” She shifted her stance, taking a sip as she finished answering him.

“Yeah, the Mai Tais are wonderful. Definitely adds to the experience here.” It was his turn to take a drink. He was worrying that he was acting like too much of dork.

As he took his drink, she wondered how he his mouth tastes….the Mai Tai must add a nice sweetness. Hmm, she bit her lip as she imagined kissing him right now. Having their tongues exploring her other, his lips on her’s.

She shook the sexy vision from her head.  She had watched him swim around the boat, and then as he pulled himself back on the boat. He was very handsome. His muscles flexed as he came up the ladder and she liked that. She liked it a lot.

She moved towards the railing and they both lean into it and watched the snorkelers out in the water. They chatted for a while, talking about how they decided to come to Hawaii and this particular resort.

She was smart, charming, and witty on top of being attractive, he thought to himself. She definitely wasn’t just another sexy wife. This woman was well put together.

For her part, Ana thought Jason was becoming more handsome the more he spoke. He was a writer and he spoke in manner that reflected his love for the written word. Clever, funny, and witty, he was nice.

Their chat was interrupted by the return of the other guests. The boat deck filled with fins, masks, and guests talking about the various fish and turtles they had seen.

Jason’s wife slide up to him. He wrapped his arm around her waist and she offered her cheek for a kiss.  He kissed her cheek and whispered to her.

“You look great in your bikini. In fact, I want to take it off of you with my teeth.”

She looked at him and give a look of disapproval. Or maybe it was more of a “That’s nice, dear” look. He had seen it so many times he didn’t know why he even bothered to try to suggest any sexual activity with her.

The boat returned to the resort’s dock. Jason gathered up their bags and they headed to the restaurant. At least at the restaurant, he could get a drink or two.

Ana wasn’t haven’t much more luck with her husband and sex either. Her son was happy to ditch them for an excursion into town with a family who had a son the same age as himself. Ana and her husband exchanged phone numbers with the other parents and sent them off.

The Mai Tais from the boat had made her a little frisky and chatting with Jason had ramped it up a tad bit more. She found herself, rubbing her husband’s back, patting his ass, wrapping her arms around him. She was ready to take him to bed.

She suggested they head back to their suite. Which he readily agreed to….so he could check his email and take a nap! What the hell was wrong with her? She felt like crying.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Ana sat by the pool, working on her tan and swimming a bit.  Jason and his wife took a hike to a local waterfall. His wife took lots of selfies so she could post them on her social media accounts. No doubt on her post, she would talk about what a great vacation they were having. He was sure she would get a ton of positive comments and a number of likes.  And he would be a great prop for those photos. Have to keep up appearances, right?

After dinner, his wife logged on and started uploading and sharing the photos. Peter walked up behind her and massaged her shoulders. After all, they were at this beautiful resort, why shouldn’t they enjoy each other’s bodies. The whole point of the vacation was to disconnect from others and reconnect with each other. And he wanted to get laid again. He wanted to fuck her like he use to.

Jason started kissing her neck but she quickly killed the mood by flatly stating she was tired and was going to head to bed after she finished posting the photos online.

“Ok, no problem. I’m headed to the pool. You sure don’t want to join me?”  Again, she gave him “the look”. Jeez, why did he even bother. Maybe this whole vacation was a mistake.  He grabbed his room key and headed out.

Ana watched as Jason approached the pool. She was already in it, floating in the warm water.  He must not have seen her because he place his towel on a lounge chair by the other stairs. He pulled his T-shirt off, and dropped his shirt next to the towel. Like before on the boat, Ana notice that he was in good shape; not an exercise freak but he did cared for his body. His swimsuit hung low on his hips and offer her just a glimpse of the top of his pubic hair. She wondered where his chest hair ended and where is pubic hair began. She pictured her hands playfully rubbing his chest and then sliding down….

She slowly and silently swam towards him, watching him as he slowly stepped into the pool, unsure of the pool temperature. He was slow and cautious.

“Don’t worry; the water is prefect.” She said.

Peter looked up and when he noticed it was her, a smile came across this face when he recognized her.

Jason noticed Ana as she stood up in the shallow end of the pool. Slowly, she rose out of the pool, like a mythical Greek goddess. Oh, how happy he was to see her. At least he could chat with someone on this trip.

“Well, it’s a pleasant surprise to see you here. How’s your day been?” He asked.

“Mostly crappy. What about your yours?” She answered him, not mincing words as her eyes began taking all of him in. He turned slightly towards her using his hips and he is chest seemed to grow as she watched him.

“Seems like we both had the same type of day because mine was just as bad.”

She walked through the shallow pool water and reached for her Mai Tai. She had secured it earlier from the pool bar, knowing she needed to loosen up; relax and enjoy the experience of being in Hawaii.

“Glad I’m not the only one that grab a Mai Tai.” Peter joked. He pulled his glass out at well.   He raised his glass and they toasted together, the glasses touching to remind them that were still here to enjoy themselves.

They both took sips and sat on the Baja shelf, the warm tropical air dances across their upper bodies while the lower part were submerged in the delightful waters of their hotel pool.

With the darkness around them, the only light was from the gas tiki torches and the lights that shone up to the palm trees.  Jason thought to himself that she looked even more gorgeous than before. Her hair was pulled back, her features accented by the light. Her lips almost beckoning him to kiss them as she talked with him.

As for Ana, she loved to stare into his eyes as they talked. She hoped that she wasn’t talking too much. Her husband said she sometimes talked too much. If she was talking too much, Jason didn’t seem to mind.

Jason leaned over to put his drink on the pool edge, as he did so, he brushed up against Ana’s shoulder.  She looked over at him and he was quick to apologize but he didn’t need to.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s nice to have some physical touch from a handsome man, even if it was by accident.”

Maybe it was the drinks, maybe it was the romance of the Hawaiian Islands, or maybe it was because he had so much pent up sexual energy, but he leaned over and kissed her. She didn’t pull back, instead she leaned into the kiss.  Her hand raised up to his face and gently touched his cheek with the lightest of touches, caressing him and encouraging him. For his part, she felt his arm across her back, steadying himself as he leaned in, but as their kiss went on, his arm encircled her waist and pulled her closer.

They had been sitting close enough already, the conversation had become more flirty; more bold as they tested their newfound friendship. How much could they share? How much should they hint at? But with this kiss, they had both erased any doubt of what they both wanted.

Her other hand came up and grab the back of his head to pull him in. Their tongues danced and explored as their lips were locked in a long passionate kiss.

He pulled away and broke the kiss first. He slid off the Baja shelf and into the deeper water but pull her along down with him. Once she was in the deeper water with him, they embraced again and began to kiss deeply once more. Perhaps they both had been denied the physical intimacy for too long and this was simply a release. Whatever it was; they both needed it.

Floating in the warm water, their hands explored each other’s bodies. She felt his hands moving up and down her back, going under her strap….feeling her smooth, tan skin. He had a light touch and every once in a while, he’d knead a muscle bringing a relaxing feel to the experience. She could feel herself growing hotter and hotter for him. The tingling sensation that she had been missing was returning. Oh, how she missed it.

He brushed the hair off her shoulder and then kissed it. His tongue first licking it, then he kissed it….she felt him gently bite her. Nothing that would leave a mark but it felt incredible.  He moved up her shoulder towards her neck, and she tilted her head away to give him freer access to her neck. She was loving the attention and she could feel her body responding to the rapt attention she was getting.

His hands had moved lower and where probing her bikini bottoms.  Her hands were  rubbing his back but where quickly moving down. She kept getting closer to him in the water and she could feel his hardness brush up against her every once in a while. Her hands cupped his ass and pulled him tightly against her.  Oh, yes…she felt his hard cock straining to against his swimsuit.

Her hand came to the front and rubbed him. He let out a small groan of approval as her slowly stroked his member. Her fingers squeezed his cock through the fabric. It had been a long time since she felt a cock as hard as this one in her hand.

She let his cock go and allowed her hand to drift back to his hip. She slipped her hand between his waistband and had a much easier time getting her hand into his swimsuit. This time, she brought her hand straight to his cock; no swimsuit to block her.

She could smell the fragrant tropical air around her as he kissed her neck. His hard cock was now in her hand and she leaned back against the pool edge to enjoy the moment.

For his part, Jason’s heart rate was increasing as he felt her hand on his waist. It quickened more as she had first started to rub his cock while it pressed towards her. His cock was stretching his swimsuit out. Then when when she stopped, he was disappointed. However, just as quickly his disappointment faded and turned back into excitement as she now had his her hard cock directly in her hand. She stroked him and occasionally cupped his balls. Her strokes were smooth; not hurried. He swore his cock was the hardest it had ever been. He felt the blood flowing towards it, making it harder and larger as this beautiful gracefully stroked it, embraced it with her hand, bringing it back to life.

He kissed her neck and then he kissed her just behind the ear, the smell of the night air made her taste even better. She inhaled sharply and grasped as his hand caressed her breast and kneaded it. He slipped his hand between her swimsuit and her breast, her nipple harden as his hand brushed it. He then slipped her hard nipple between his fingers…kneading it, massaging it, bringing it to attention.

She let herself enjoy the feeling of being desired, of being wanted. He was hungry and she could feel his hungry for her growing, building.

Again, their lips met and their kissing became more aggressive, more desire filling them both with a lust that made them ache. He tasted delicious…his kisses causing a warmth to spread throughout her body. She wanted him…she wanted to feel her naked body close to his…pulling him tight to her.

She felt amazing in his hands. Her skin smooth as he stoked it. He wanted to strip her naked, allow his hands to explore her body properly, tease her, please her, and delight her with the attention she deserved. To fulfill her sexual cravings by any means possible…his tongue, his hands, his cock.

He pulled away from her and stared into her eyes.

“I don’t know how much more I can take…you are driving me crazy with desire. My cock is so hard….”

“The feeling is mutual…I’m having a wonderful time.”

“Let’s get out of the pool…wander around….there must be somewhere we can be alone…enjoy each other.” He finished and floated towards their towels.

She usually wasn’t the bold but it has been forever since she was with another man other than her husband. She needed to feel him inside her. She needed to be fucked and satisfied.

They swam back towards the towels and her hand rubbed his shoulder, cascaded down his back and then squeezed his ass for good measure.  That squeeze was meant to erase any doubts from her mind and his.  To reassure herself and him that they both needed this.

They walked down the path towards the beach, they could hear the wind in the palm trees. As they walked past the boat dock, they both stopped. He held her hand and nodded towards the boat. A smile crept on her face and she shudder her shoulders as to say “what not?”

He was surprised to find the cabin door unlocked when he turned the door knob. He swung it open, and they entered. As he closed the door, he pulled her towards him, and resumed kissing her.  Just like back in the pool, they picked up where they left off but this time the water didn’t hamper the feeling of her in his arms. She felt even better. His reward was the feeling of her silky smooth skin under his finger tips, his hands roamed her back.

She had both hands on his face, her fingers gripping his head. Holding him tight as she kissed him. She didn’t want to let him go; he tasted wonderful and she was feeling amazing. The warmth in her pussy was growing, and the feeling of desire was spreading outwards. She felt his hands on her back, and then they were on her firm ass. He then slid them between her bikini bottom and her ass. He squeezed and then kneaded then….his right hand pulled back towards her waist.

He felt the tie of her swimsuit between his fingers and he pulled it. The knot came undone and her swimsuit bottom loosened and fell off her hip to the floor. Her kissing intensified when she realized the bottoms were now on the floor. She released her hands from his head, and her hands trailed down his chest and straight to his waistband.

She dipped down, and soon was squated down. Her face was right at his cock level, her hands trailing down his body, then they were at his waist. She gently teasingly bit at his cock through the fabric. She heard him moan and then she gripped his swimsuit and pulled it down with a sharp, forceful tug.

She wanted to take him all in but she wanted to make sure he wanted more of her when she was done tonight.  She wanted him to remember this and to think about about their shared experience for years to come. And every time he did, he would picture her, smile, give a little sigh, and think of her all over again.  Her goal was to make it difficult for him to think about this evening and not get a raging hard on.

At first, she licked his head and continued down the shaft. She reached his body and his hard cock stood at full attention. It was hers for the taking, to do with as she pleased. She could lick it gently with her tongue, kiss it, take it in her mouth, savor the pre-cum that was forming on the head. She could probably make him come quickly if she wanted to…take his cock in her mouth, use her tongue and mouth to slide up and down his hard shaft, take his precious cum in her mouth and taste the salty, tasty goodness as he arched his back and released his load down her throat.

Hmm, it was tempting…so very tempting….she enjoyed making a man come and taking his seed in her mouth. She was a little greedy that way but most men didn’t care. They were happy and she was happy.

But she wanted to make this last and she took her time. She was enjoying herself. Thinking about how she needed this, how good she felt. She could hear him moaning as she focus her attitude on him. Her hands were now on his hard ass, and her nose was getting closer to his waist. He was thicker and longer than her husband.  But she wanted all of him in her mouth. His hands were in her hair, massaging her scalp. He wasn’t aggressive, but definitely assertive. Showing his approval of her handiwork.

His hands gripped her hair and he announced he was about to come. She smiled as he said this and she felt the jerking of his cock as he release his load. Jet, after jet of hot come was flowing freely into her mouth. He was definitely just as delicious to taste as he was to look at. Delightfully delicious….

She had swallowed it all and his knees had almost buckled from the experience. Damn, she was amazing. He lets out his breath; he hadn’t even realized he had been holding it.

He was getting softer but she kept sucking on his cock gently, but it was staying somewhat hard with her attention. Her tongue sliding up and down it again and again. She released it and then licked it one last time; making sure she got every last drop.

When she was done, he helped her back up and kissed her. He then held her close and with his mouth against her ear, whispered to her…

“Now it’s my turn to please you.”

He pulled away from her so she could look into his eyes and see he was serious. His hands had worked their way to the back of her swimsuit top and he undid her clasp, her tip fell to the floor. She smiled at him and then she lowered herself onto the floor. He followed her down, kissing her along the way, and she was soon laying on the floor. He worked his ways slowly towards her sweet pussy, first kissing her neck once again, then moving onto her breast. His tongue licked her nipples. First the top of the nipples, and she felt them getting erect. As they rose, his tongue circled around the sides of them, and she was convinced they were getting harder from all the attention.

When was the last time a man had given her this much attention? It must have been years. She was brought back to the moment when he put her nipple between his teeth and tugged softly away. The slight pain aroused her, and her hands were back around his head. He hadn’t even reach her pussy and she already wanted him to slide his hard cock inside her.

He continued on and used his tongue map his progress down to her sweetness. He wondered how long it had been since he was able to take his time and enjoy a woman. To take his time, not to be rush, just to use his tongue and enliven the experience. He felt her move under his tongue as he licked her.  She moaned as her nipples were between his teeth. He released the beautiful nipple and licked the underside of her breasts.

His tongue is lightly and gently swirling around the underside of her breast. She took a deep breath in as he refocused his attention back to her erect nipples. She could feel how sensitive they had become from his intense attention. As he held her nipple between his teeth, she heard him inhale and then felt the slight breeze caused by his breathing to bring a cool sensation to her breast. As quick as it appeared, it was gone as he again sucked and licked at her nipples. He moved from one to the other, stopping in between to give the inner valley attention as well. She felt his tongue circle around the areola, and then back to the nipple.

She appreciated how he was taking his time, prolonging the experience that she had been missing for so long. She was enjoying herself.

Her hands cradle his head, her fingers rubbing the back of his head, moving down to his broad shoulders, and then rubbing them. He drags her fingers from his back to his head as he licks, nibbles, and sucks on her breasts and neck.

He drags his tongue down the valley of her breasts, past her belly button, and with a flick of his tongue, licks her belly button. He continues on his path down, kissing, licking, and nibbling her skin along his way until he reaches her sweetness.

His hands push her thighs apart, and he trails a finger up her inner thigh. She had been growing wetter and her pussy hotter as he has been licking and kissing her. He runs his hands along the tops of her legs, both thumbs pointed and rubbing against a the inside of her legs. Ana reaches down and feels the top of his hands, encouraging him. As he reached the top of her legs, his thumbs are close to her lips and he brushes them up and down.

He pulls his hands back to her knees and soon his tongue is giving her labia full attention. He is licking her up and down, the tip of his tongue of his tongue focusing on the nub of her clit as his tongue is exploring. He leaves and comes back to her clit. He is pressing, licking, living in the moment.

Her hands are on his head, rubbing it, she feels her breathing quickening as if she was in a race, more and more, he presses on her clit and she arches her back, her fingers letting his head go and flexing apart. My gosh, he was bringing her to the edge and then just letting off a little to keep her from coming. She can hear her own moans getting longer; encouraging him.

The feeling was intense but even more so when he stuck his two fingers inside and continued to lick. His thumb now joined his tongue as he slide his fingers in and out of her. Oh, he was talented and she couldn’t hold off any longer.

She felt her back arched and she was shoving her pussy into his tongue as it slipped deep in her and he pressed her clit again as she wriggled and the sharp intense orgasms appeared.

The flood of heat pulsed from inside and spread across her body. The climax ripples out in steady waves; her heart was electrified and Ana felt his tongue continuing to press on her clit. She gasped and swore that she had momentarily passed out; her body shuddering as her orgasm overloaded her senses. She called out and lost her voice as she came hard.

His tongue continued to press her clit, licking it over and over again causing yet another intense wave of pleasure to flood her body.

He finally gain her clitoris a final lick. His face was cover with her sweet juices and he lick his lips. Ana laid on her back, her body wiped from the experience.

Jason moves up her body, kissing as he goes. She was wet for him and he guided his hard cock into her opening. Her lips engulfed him and she relaxes her muscles as he slowly moved in and out of her pussy. He is steady with his rhythm and is slowly fucking her. The smooth rhythm helping Ana to feel her body awaken all over again. He hovers above her, supporting his weight on his arms and she circles her hands around his wrists as he slowly fucks her. They are staring into get other’s eyes, Jason kisses Ana and her sucks on his lower lip. A smile creeps across his face, and she in response, tightens her pussy muscles to squeeze his cock a little harder.

He likes to pull all the way out so the tip of his cock was at the opening of her pussy, then he presses deep into her and she felt him hit the perfect spot. Her hands now encircled his arms and elbows and she tightened her fingers around them every time he was at his deepest point inside her. She was feeling so good; euphoric pleasure cascaded throughout her body as he slowly increased his pace. Whatever he was doing, he was doing right because it was her hitting the prefect spot.

She didn’t want it to end but she also wanted to feel him release himself inside of her. His breathing was increasing and her legs wrapped around him, pulling him tighter into her.

“I’m about to come” he announced and she tightened her grip on him. Her arms pulled him tight so their bodies were fully skin on skin. His back muscles were taunt as he did one last thrust deep inside her and he hit the her spot. She grasped and they came together. He didn’t pull back but shoved his hard cock as deep as he could. The feeling was fantastic.

Exhausted, he laid on her briefly before his lips gently kissed her ear, then her neck, and then back to her mouth. His tongue entwined with hers as they slowly kissed.

Having thus seen how ceramic productions illustrate the art ideas of all nations, having touched upon the influence of pottery upon art in general, and having glanced at its present aims and possible accomplishments, it will not be forgotten, after what has just been said, that the combination of the useful and the beautiful is the great charm of the ceramic art, making between them a new beauty which finds its best place in the household.

The Boat Cruise

Bethany watched him as he approached the dock, carrying his boat bag.  He wore khaki shorts, a collared shirt; his shirt cleverly opened with just a few buttons at the top.  This allowed her to see the top of his muscular chest, his chest hair teasing her.  She imagined her fingers undoing the rest of those buttons, and her fingers dancing through his chest hair.

He kept his hair on the short side, and his sunglasses framed his face nicely.  He wore a pair of boat shoes that matched the color of his boat.  Bethany imagined him kicking them off, then he would pulled off his shirt and jump in the lake. She imagined him swimming for a bit, then returning to the stern of the boat, lifting himself onto the swim deck. Then he would have to towel himself dry.  She loved to think of him doing all that and more.

Getting back to the current show at hand, she watched him load up the boat with his cooler, ready to head out for a enjoyable day on the lake.  Bethany sipped her lemonade, and watched as he opened the engine compartment.  He checked the engine oil, pulling the dipstick slowly out, inspected it, and carefully slid it back in.  Then he did the same with the crankshaft oil level, doubling checking that level as well.  She took him all in as he opened the door to make sure his bilge didn’t have water in it.  She enjoyed how he always had the same routine before he left the dock, how careful he was, how he took care of his boat. She visualize how he would make sure her levels were topped off, how he would pay attention to how moist and wet she was, and make sure she was properly tuned as well.

She continues to watch he as he leans over a bit to check the front cushions, and she notices how good his ass looks in those khaki shorts today. Hell, he looks great every time she sees him. Today, he has decided to apply some suntan lotion on before he leaves the dock.  She watches him squirt the white sunblock into his palm. He dabs his fingers into the lotion in his hand and then proceeds to rub the lotion on his forearm.  Then he moves upward to his thick biceps, and she hopes he will be taking his shirt off soon and rubbing some onto shoulders. She wants to see his strong back, his chest, and everything else he has to offer.  His back is one of his best features and she can picture herself helping to spread the sunblock across this back, working it in with her hands.  She wouldn’t want him to get a sunburn on his back, would she now?

At this point, he realizes that he has too much lotion on his hands, so he runs his hands up and down his legs.  Oh, those legs! Watching him is surreal; like the rest of his body, his legs are in fine shape. How she would love to have her fingers glide along the length of them; lightly dancing her fingers along to tease him a little.  She would slowly work her hands towards his manhood….

Of all the times, Bethany has watched him getting his boat prepped, he doesn’t come across as a cocky jerk. He doesn’t strut like a show off. Instead he is smooth in his movements, he walks with confidence; a strong individual.  She likes that about him.

Bethany puts down her lemonade on her deck table.  This was the day she was going to talk to him. She felt a bit ridiculous just watching him and not approaching him.  Why shouldn’t she chat with him?  This was his second summer mooring his boat here and she had never talked to him.  She has  just watched him from her second story condo lanai, undressing him with her eyes, thinking about him as she laid in her bed at night. Her hand feeling her clit, playing with herself and making herself climax to his image.

Yes, today was the day she needed to make a move.  Bethany tied a sarong around her waist, grabbed her lemonade, grab another bottle of lemonade, and headed down to the dock.

She swung the dock gate opened and she walked towards him and his boat.  His back (oh, that lovely back) was facing her and he didn’t see her approach. He was busy with hooking up a rope, perhaps deep in thought about his day.

“Hi there, “ she called out to him. He turned to face him and a smile came across his face as he saw her.
“Hey, how you doing today?” He replied back.
“You looked a little hot down here so I brought you a lemonade.”  She held out the lemonade to him and he leaned over to take it from her hand.
“Thanks, I wouldn’t mind a drink right about now.” He opens the lemonade and takes a drink.  Bethany watches him as he tilts the bottle back.

He is even more handsome up close than she had anticipated.  His square jaw line is stronger and more appealing up close.  He takes off his sunglasses, and uses the back of his hand to wipe the tiny beads of sweat off his forehead.  With his sunglasses off, she can take in his whole face. His green eyes catch and reflect the blue of the lake turning his eyes bright and inviting.  She feels herself getting a bit hot herself after taking him all in at this close range.

“You live up on the second story, don’t you?”
Bethany is a bit embarrassed that he knows that. Has he seen her staring at him as he gets his boat ready?

He jumps up onto the dock and offers her his hand.

“I’m Eric,” he says.  She takes his hand and relished his touch as she grips it.
“I’m Bethany,” she answers back, “and, yes, I do live on the second floor.”
She sees his eyes travel up and down her body. She’s wearing a pink bikini, and her sarong is tied around her waist, but low enough to show her curves.

“You have a nice paddle board up there on your lanai. It’s nice to finally meet you in person.” Eric commented “You headed out on the lake today?”

“I’m not sure. Most likely, when it gets a little warmer out.”
She notices that Eric has a white spot where he missed rubbing the sunblock into his face. She points to her cheek to show him where he missed some lotion.

“You missed a spot”. Eric reaches up to rub his cheek but still he misses it.
“You still missed it.” She takes a step closer to him, then she reaches up to his cheek and uses her thumb to rub in the stray lotion into his cheek, her hand rests on his face. She feels his freshly shaved face and has a vision of his face between her legs.
“Hmm, Thanks….that’s the second nice deed you’ve done for me today.  Will there be a third?”

Bethany is likes his boldness and giggles a bit at his joke.
“Well, I guess I should let you finish up here so you can get out and enjoy the lake, Eric.” His name rolls off her tongue.
“Bethany, if you aren’t too busy, why don’t you join me for a cruise today.”
“I don’t know. I’m so busy laying out in the sun.  I guess I could fit a short cruise into my day.  And to be honest, I would like that a lot. Let me run up to my place, grab a few things and meet you down here in a couple of  minutes.”

They agreed to meet back at the boat in about 20 minutes. He wanted to get some more ice for the cooler and she wanted to freshen up, grab a towel, and bring her purse.

With their respective errands accomplished, they meet back at the boat.  Eric starts the boat, and the engines roar to life. They cast the lines off and he pilots the boat out of the marina. Bethany notices he looks extremely comfortable as he maneuvers  the boat. He looks quite handsome as the wind blows his shirt open…his chest exposed…his left hand on the steering wheel as his right hand works the throttle. She hopes his hands would pilot her body in the same manner; confident and sure of their skill.

Eric glances over to her as if he had overheard her personal thoughts. He smiles at her as she catches her reflection in his mirrored sunglasses.  Bethany smiles back and leans back in her seat. The sun on her face, the wind going through her hair feels relaxing.  She raises  her hands over her head and she lets it all soak in.

Here she was on a boat, cruising the lake with a handsome man. Could the day get any better?

Eric keeps the engine at a low cruising speed so they can talk as he pilots the boat along the shore. They wave at other boaters as they pass, occasional there is someone sitting out on their dock, enjoying the weather just like they are.

It’s a beautiful early summer day but the lake is relatively quiet. The water is smooth, and temperature outside is pleasant and the sun is shining down on them.

He cuts the engine and they cruise to a stop. The lake is fairly flat, and she hears the waves lapping on the hull of the boat as they float.  They drift a bit but with the lack of wind, they don’t really move much.  It’s a peaceful day and the boat ride has made it almost prefect.

“You up for a drink? I have wine, beer, soda, and some water.”

Eric opens the lid of the cooler and offers her a peek inside.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine if you have a bottle available..”

“Wonderful choice!  And I have some cheese and crackers, some lunch meat from the deli.  Nothing too fancy, but if the boat doesn’t start up, we also won’t starve out here.”  He smiles as he says this.

He’s definitely attractive, Bethany tells herself as she licks her lips.  He hands her the glass of wine, the sun reflects off the rim of the glass and she takes a sip. It’s cold and refreshing and is just the prefect addition to this wonderful day.

The wine goes smoothly down. They chat a bit more, discussing a range of topics, from their childhood, to their mutual experiences of vacations they had taken to the same places.

It was definitely getting hotter, and when Eric suggest they go for a swim, she quickly agreed. She was looking forward to him peeling off that shirt, kicking off his boat shoes, and taking him all in like a tall glass of ice tea on a hot day.

She wasn’t disappointed.  A great personality and a fine body? This was turning into the prefect day.

Eric dove in, surfaced, and yells at her.
“Hey, it’s not fun if you don’t come in with me.”  He splashes some water in her direction, and it hits her a little. Bethany drops her chin a little, lowers her sunglasses, and teases him by telling him her three year old niece could do better.

“Hey, at least I’m in the water. You are just hanging out on the boat looking pretty.”  Bethany unties her sarong, puts her sunglasses on the dash, and dives in.  The water feels wonderful, a bit warmer than she thought, but nevertheless, it’s wonderful. Bethany loves swimming; she loves the feeling of being weightless, jetting through the water like a torpedo.

She surfaces and splashes Eric. It’s a direct hit. He hacks up some water but he is smiling.

“Good shot! And that was an excellent dive.”
“Well, I have a few years of swim team under my belt. It’s hard to forget.”
“I’m glad I didn’t ask to race to that buoy.  I would have lost for sure.”

Then swim for a bit, occasionally brushing up against each other in the water, and then they drag themselves out, and lay out on the front deck of his boat. Water glistens off Bethany’s body and she sits up on her elbows and looks over at Eric.

“I’m having a great time out here on the lake. Thanks for inviting me.”
Eric rolls over to his side to face her, he props his head up with his hand, and smiles.
“Well, it’s a pleasure to have you onboard.”

As soon as he finishes his sentence, his free hand is wrapped gently around the back of her head and he pulls her close. He kisses her and their tongues flick and dance softly. He’s a good kisser, Bethany notices and his kisses are making her melt. He rolls her on her back, and his tongue is exploring her mouth. He moves to her ear, nibbles the lobe, and kisses her cheek and jawline.

Bethany leans her head back, closes her eyes, and he rewards her exposed neck with some gentle kisses and the attention her neck so richly deserves.  Eric’s tongue is licking her neck, then kissing it, then he is back at her mouth once again.  His tongue is again dancing with her tongue, and all Bethany thinks is that he tastes delicious.

She puts her hands around Eric’s head, feeling his short hair under her fingers. Her other hand has works it’s way to his back.  She can feel his strong back muscles, and she rubs his back, enjoying how her fingers are discovering his body.

Bethany appreciates Eric’s tongue and lets out a little moan of disappointment when he pulls away and their lips part.  He’s on his knees now, and is straight upright. His cock is bulging against the fabric of his swimsuit and Bethany can tell he is turned on as much as she is.

“Let’s take this downstairs, where we can be more comfortable.” Eric suggests and Bethany couldn’t agree more.

He helps Bethany from the front down into the main cabin deck.  He immediately pulls her close and his strong arms are wrapped around her waist and back. They kiss in a furious manner; hungry for each other. Almost relentless on how they both feel at the moment, the attractive for each other fueling their lust and desire. Bethany can feel his hands on her back but they aren’t there for long. He is squeezing her butt and at the same time, pulling her closer and grinding his cock into her.

He bends his knees and lowers his face to her breasts. He kisses the top of her breasts, and then his tongue is licking the valley. His hands have moved to her swimsuit clasp and undoes it. The next moment, his hand is working it’s way to her clit. She can feel herself getting warmer and wetter, the blood rushing to her sweetness, the juices flowing.

Eric’s fingers are exploring her pussy and he applies pressure on her clit. She gasps as he touches her prefect spot….and he causes a shudder to go through her body. He is looking at her and smiling; knowing he has given her some pleasure.

With a newfound focus, he pays attention to her clit, using his thumb and fingers, he gently rubs it at first. She breaks their kiss and enjoys the pleasure.  She begins to feel herself getting warmer…that familiar feeling approaching.  She feels his fingers rubbing and then enter her.  Her eyes close as she enjoys the feeling.  His thumb is circling, rubbing her…and she can feel herself getting wetter and her knees getting weaker.

With her eyes closed, Eric focuses on her pleasure.  Her hands rests on his shoulders, occasionally she digs her nails in as he rubs her clit just the right way,  She moans and leans her head back, embracing the pleasure.  He buries his head in her neck, kissing her neck, then her ear, and finally her lips.

“I want to make you come, Bethany. I want to see you lose control and enjoy yourself.”
As he says this, he intensifies his attention to her clit and rubs it with slightly more pressure.

They kiss but the mounting sensation of her pending orgasm is building and building. She is so close, so damn close. Her hand is cupping the back of his head, the other hand  on his arm.  Her knees are about to buckle.

And then the orgasm comes and she breaks their kiss and screams….

His fingers concentrate on her clit, his fingertips circling, focusing and delighting her…The feeling is amazing and the room disappears.  As she approaches the edge, her breath is sucked out of her, she gasps as the onslaught of electricity rips through her.  She loves to come, and this certainly was the best feeling. She pulls him close again and rests her forehead against his. Both of them are breathing heavily; her more so than Eric. And the aftershocks of her initial orgasm continues for a minute afterwards.

Eric starts kissing her neck again.  Bethany is now all in and she quickly returns his kisses. His lips are soft and so enjoyable.  She bites his lip.  She is high off her recent orgasm and practically devours his tongue and kisses. She reaches down to stroke his hard cock through his swimsuit.  She doesn’t say a word as she slowly lowers herself down so that her face is at his waist. She gently rakes her fingers down his chest as she lowers herself; knowing his cock would be aching for her mouth.  Her hand squeezes his cock through the fabric, and she gently bites it. As she gently bites down, teasing him, he lets out a soft moan.  She inhales his scent through his swimsuit. She can hardly wait to take him into her mouth.

Bethany put her hands on the waistband of his swimsuit and pulled them down. As soon as they cleared his hips, they fall to the floor. His cock is hard and rigid, ready for her mouth.

She licks the head of his cock, focusing on the crown of his cock, slowly having her tongue circling the head, licking with the tip,  then the sides of her tongue.  He is so rigid and hard, she doesn’t even need her hands. She gently massages his balls with one hand and her other hand is at the top of his ass. She runs her hand down his firm ass and squeezes it under her firm grip. She works her tongue up and down the sides of his cock. She loves the taste of him…and she hears his moaning a bit. She licks, and her tongue is teasing him from the tip down to the base. She plants kisses as she licks, feeling the stiffness grow under her tongue.

As she comes up to the tip again, she doesn’t slide down but instead takes his cock deep into her mouth. He hears his gasp and a smile crosses her face. She takes him all the way in, her tongue on the bottom side of his hard manhood. With him all the way in, she swirls her tongue around. He inhales deeply and then she slides him out. As soon as his tip is close to her lips, she pulls him back in, and then slowly lets him pull out again.

His hands have gripped her hair and fingers have entangled themselves into her scalp. She pulls him deep into her mouth. She feels his hands at the back of her head…and she is going up and down his cock. His cock slides in and out of her eager mouth.  Her tongue is circling the head and his breathing is quickly becoming sharp, intense.

Now, she focuses on the head….she knows she can make him come fast if she wants. He will release his goodness down her throat if she wants him to. But instead, she relaxes her mouth, lets her tongue again go up and down his thick, hard shaft.

She is enjoying this…and so is he. He is groaning from the pleasure, her lips, tongue, and mouth are making him gasp, moan, and his breathing has quicken.

She once again lets his cock come out of her mouth and she tells Eric.

“I need you to come in my mouth.  I want to taste you, suck you dry, and make you come deep inside my mouth.”

As soon as she finishes her sentence, she engulfs him. She feels his cock hairs on her nose and she is now rapidly bobbing her head back and forth. Eric can’t stop gasping as she grabs his butt and buried her face in his waist.

“I’m coming!” Eric screams as his load hits the back of her throat. She releases her grip and slowly slides back so she can suck every last drop from him. He tastes delicious…sweet, salty and ever so tasty.

She feels the last of his goodness and slowly licks the last drops from him.

Bethany licks her lips and smiles.

“You taste divine….” she whispers to him.
“I don’t think I can stand straight after that.”
“Hmm, I agree. Why don’t we just lay down and relax?”
“Sounds like a wonderful plan to me.”  He grabs two water bottles from the fridge, and leads her to the bed.

She snuggles into his chest and she feels Eric’s hand rubbing her back.  His hand drifts from the shoulder down to her lower back. Her hand is playing with his chest hair, rubbing his hard chest, and she finds herself rubbing his cock.  Bethany’s fingers are gently bringing his cock back to hardness….

What a nice recovery time, Bethany thinks to herself. Her fingers have gripped around Eric’s cock and she can feel it getting harder in her grip.  She leans down and licks his crown again. She takes the crown into her mouth and gently sucks. She releases his cock and lets it fall slowly out. But her tongue is again licking his head and her hand is holding his cock, and it is growing…growing harder, stiffer, and she wants him.

Bethany can feel how wet she is. She’s moist and wet and needs him inside of her. She wants to feel all of him, she wants to feel his cock sliding in and out of her wetness.

His cock is hard in her hand and she moves up on top of Eric. She straddles him and guides his cock towards her pussy. She takes the crown of his cock and runs it along her opening. Her wetness is getting his tip wet and she feels his cock touching her clit. His cock feels so good and for a moment, she continues to rub his head on her clit.

And then she slides his cock inside her and leans forward. Her hands are on his chest and she grinds into him. Eric’s thumb is up on her clit, and again the intense feeling of his magic touch is back.

She is going up and down, riding his beautiful, hard cock. She’s biting her lip and moaning with the pleasure. She loves how his cock looks as she presses down and think pulls almost all the way out.  She can see her wetness making his cock shine with her juices…

He is thrusting up with his hips to meet her as she rides his cock. His thumb is playing with her clit, he watches her as she gasps each time she moves down his cock. His other hand is moving along her arm and then to her breasts. He runs the top of his hand along the bottom of her breast. He then rotates his hand, and brings his fingers to her nipples.

Bethany is leaning on him, her hands on his chest, gripping his chest and her fingers are opening and closing on his chest hair. She is riding him hard…setting the magnificent pace. He again thrusts up into her as she comes down. Her hair is now covering her face as he leans her head forward. Her hair is draping across her breasts and his hand is brushing her hair away and also playing with her nipples.

Oh, how good his cock feels inside her. This is what she needed and wanted. She almost can’t get enough of him but she knows that she also wants to feel his warm come inside of her…his come mixing with her wetness.

She looks down at his cock as it slides in and out. She could ride him for hours, that’s how could he feels.

Is he getting stiffer? Harder?

Eric’s pleasure point is approaching and he wants to come deep inside her. Bethany’s pussy is so smooth and feels so tight.  It’s as if she knows how to coach his cock into a championship performance.  And the way she looks down at his cock as she rides him is a major turn on.

“Bethany, I’m so close…”
“Good baby, you feel fantastic and I want you to come deep inside me…I want feel your cock deep, so deep…” She loses her breath a little each time he is fully inside her.

His thumb has increased its pressure and had intensified. She feels his other hand grabbing her, giving her ass and her hips a little tight squeeze every time she slides down his cock.  Bethany also feels close to coming, she leans forward and her hair falls in her face. Her vision is disappearing and she feels her orgasm fast approaching, coming again…so close….

Eric can’t stop…he rams his cock hard into Bethany, his thumb is pressing on her clit, massaging it, and Bethany’s orgasm rushes in. She feels her back arching, and they both scream as they climax.  Eric shakes as his muscles tighten, his come jets into Bethany. He closes his eyes and lets the come release from his tight body.  Bethany is shaking; her orgasm probably one of the the most intense ones she has felt recently. Her breath is pushed out, she inhales deeply, and she is gone….she feels wonderful. Her pussy is alive, the muscles tighten, releasing, she feels so sensitive.

Bethany gently falls onto Eric’s chest…and he pulls her closer as he thrusts up once final time, the last of his come is released.

Bethany feels wonderful, relaxed.  She lays her head on his chest, her hand rubbing his chest, their bodies just a heap of spent energy.  The smell of their lovemaking filling the cabin, the water gently lapping on the boat hull.  Bethany thinks to herself she could just float and fuck this sexy man all day long.

Eric’s hand is rubbing her back.  Her hand is rubbing his chest and stomach.  He needed this. As he closed his eyes, he enjoys her touch….

And as they both nap, and then dream…it feels to be the start of something fantastic.

The Flight to Washington, D.C.

The direct flight to Washington, DC was overbooked and Kellan had been forced to reroute. The first leg of the trip found him from Seattle to Houston on a crowded flight. Luckily, the flight was uneventful and he was glad it was over when he landed at Hobby Airport in Houston. The second leg of his trip was much better. The flight was half empty and he was being upgraded to first class where he found himself seated in a mostly empty first class section….except for the beautiful woman to whom he was seated next to.

The flight attendant was young, attractive, and sexy. In normal times, Kellan would have been much more attentive to her as she kept up the stream of double whiskeys (who doesn’t pay attention to the kind person serving you your drinks?), however the woman next to him had legs that were lean and exquisitely tone. There she sat next to him, bouncing her leg up and down, her dress slipping off her knee and then returning to cover it once her leg was on the downward bounce.

Kellan noticed her boots. Hmm, very nice leather…Italian? Spanish? And the way she was bouncing her leg. Up and down….bouncing in a rhythmic manner to her own private tune.

He felt the double whiskeys kicking in. He pulled out his laptop and started typing. It was times like this when he was inspired to just write. Was he like Hemingway in that respect? Or perhaps more like Bukowski? It really didn’t matter much; he was loosened up and his writing was flowing.

The flight attendant was quick to notice when his drink was empty. She was smiling as she asked him if he needed another one. Not that he needed to tell her, but Kellan was kind enough to offer that he wasn’t driving when the plane landed. So, to please, keep those drinks coming.

He was on fire, his fingers danced across the keyboard creating a story. The sexy flight attendant, her blond hair flowing, returned with his drink. It was then that Riley spoke up.

“I’d love to have what he is having, please.”

“A double? Not a problem. I’ll be right back.” replied the flight attendant. With a swift turn, she headed back to the gallery.

“You certainly have been busy since we took off.” Riley directed her statement towards Kellan, as she leaned towards him, stealing a glance at his work.

“You have some corporate secrets you’re writing about?” Her eyes gave him the twice over as she spoke.

Riley had noticed him as soon as he entered the first class cabin. She was even more pleased when he sat down next to her. First class definitely had its privileges. Handsome men, attentive flight attendants, more space, legroom, and endless drinks, a great start to a practically prefect flight.

She had delayed drinking until she had figured out whom she would be sitting next to. Would the individual be an overworked business man? A pissed off divorced mother of three? An independently wealthy woman? However, this gentleman next to her, was someone a bit different caliber. He was wearing nice slacks, sexy shoes, a tailored dress shirt, she imagined herself reaching over and undoing the buttons of his shirt as he typed away, her hands sliding up his chest as he tried to ignore her.

The flight attendant returned with her drink, Riley felt the chill of the glass as the flight attendant handed it over to her. For a brief moment, Riley and the flight attendant’s eyes met, as she smiled the sliest of smiles, as their eyes met. Riley was sure the flight attendant was saying “Take advantage of this opportunity…” Did the flight attendant slowly lick her lips as well?

Kellan lifted his refreshed spirit and they clinked the glasses together. Kellan leaned towards Riley and volunteered the fact, he was inspired this evening. The words were just appearing and he couldn’t help but release them out and onto the page for others to read.

Riley took a sip of her drink as Kellan continued to chat with her. She learned he was a writer. He was very animated when he spoke. He had great passion and zest for his work. She learned he was a writer. Kellan had been published a few times but it wasn’t until last year his works had gained traction and taken off. He was on his way to the Washington, DC area for a writer’s conference. He had decided to arrive early and stay a little longer so he could visit the sights that Washington, DC is known for. Especially the blooming cherry trees around the Tidal Basin.

Kellan didn’t dominate the conversation. He took the time to ask Riley why she was headed to DC. For Riley, it was a bit of an escape, an adjournment of her hectic work schedule, and a much needed vacation. Since it was spring, we had decided she wanted to see the cherry tree blossoms that were a highlight this time of year.

She was staying at her friend’s vacant condo in Georgetown and Kellan was staying within a few miles of her at his hotel. They soon found themselves deep in a rapt conversation about everything under the sun. He was charming, making fun of himself and she soon found herself continuing her fantasy of unbuttoning his shirt as he hinted about his new writing project.

“I have a hard time discussing what I’m currently writing. Its just a holdover of my belief of not sharing my work until it is ready to be edited. Heck, it is a rough draft. Even then, I welcome the editing process. Besides, it needs to be checked by my editor because I make a lot of mistakes.” he told her.

“Who is the lucky person that gets to enjoy your first draft?” Her hand had fallen onto his forearm, as she leaned closer to him, waiting for the answer. At this moment, she wished that the airlines had made bench seats in first class. It has been said that a woman’s attraction is driven by scent more than by sight. He was already handsome and even with the air vents blowing around them, she could smell Kellan. Oh, and how he smelled delicious. He smelled like rich wood you’d find in a library with slight underlying tones of black vanilla. She caught herself inhaling a little deeper and holding her breath a little longer as he spoke.

What was with this man that she found so attractive? Was it the chance meeting him her on the plane? His gorgeous green eyes? His intelligent conversation? His charismatic ability to hold a conversation?

Kellan at first didn’t notice how and when Riley’s hand had landed on his forearm. Her touch as soft on his skin, comfortable was what he thought of. He tried not to glance down at her hand resting on him. He didn’t want to drawn attention to her hand and cause her to pull it away. Maybe she was always this friendly but whatever this was between them, he was certainly enjoying it. She was captivating in a number of ways and if they hadn’t been lucky enough to sit next to each other on this flight, he doubt he would have had the courage to talk to someone as fetching as her.

They both hadn’t noticed that the time had quickly passed until the pilot announced they were approaching Washington DC and would soon be landing.

“Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost

“I know we just met and it’s late,” he paused a moment, Robert Frost’s quote “Freedom lies in being bold.” giving him courage and he continued “but would you be interested in going with me to the National Museum tomorrow?”

“Hmmm,” she gave the impression she had to think about it, “yes, I would like that very much.”

They agreed to meet when the museum opened so they could maximize the time they could spend there. But they both knew it was so they could maximize the time they were together.

Riley got to her friend’s condo and kicked off her shoes. Her friend was kind enough to leave a few bottles of wine and a bottle of whiskey with a note than encouraged Riley to have fun and experience DC. The note also remind Riley, if she needed anything, to drop her a text. “Have fun!” was underlined three times to hammer the point home.

Her phone dinged announced a text message had arrived. It was from Kellan.

“It was a pleasure to meet you today on the plane. I’m really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.” He wrote.

She thought for a minute and replied back to Kellan.

“Likewise for me, it was very delightful to met you. I’m excited to see you and explore the museum tomorrow.”

“Good. See you tomorrow! I can’t wait.” Kellan wrote. He hoped he didn’t sound too eager in that last text. But he wanted to be bold this trip. Not overly aggressive but bold, assertive. Besides, he had a good feeling about Riley.

When they did meet at the front entrance of the museum, he was there first and had the gratification of being able to watch her approach. Before she saw him, she walked with a definite purpose. But as soon as she saw him, her expression changed from being a neutral tourist to that of happiness.

Riley wasn’t quite sure of when she found herself standing closer to Kellan as they made their way through the museum. One minute, they seemed like they were on an awkward first date. But then the next minute, they were close enough to hold hands or kiss. With their comfort zone becoming more relaxed, they would bump into each other. His board shoulders and those green eyes of his were enough to make her melt when he spoke to her. She could probably spend hours staring into his green eyes.

Lunch time was approaching, and they made their way out of the museum, strolling along, their bodies bumming into each other. Soon, they were walking amongst the blossoming cherry trees. A faint breeze would pick up and a few of the mature blossoms would fall from their stems, creating a spring pink snow shower. They continued to walk taking in the magnificent sight around them. They took photos of each other with the cherry blossoms as the background. As they did a selfie together, their faces pressed together, he turned and kiss her cheek. Not to be outdone, she turned towards him to kiss his cheek, yet he hadn’t turn his head and their kiss touch. As if they just realized that they both had been holding back, they dispelled those feelings with this kiss. His lips were soft, and she parted her lips as his tongue danced with her tongue under the falling cherry blossoms. His arm wrapped around her body, squeezed her, and pulled her close to him. He felt his cock getting erect, straining up against his boxers.

Riley knew herself well enough that she was done for. He was charming, funny, and intelligent. Add his good looks and she wasn’t going to stop from seeking her freedom. As they kissed, her hand flew to his crotch and she rubbed his hard, erect cock through his slacks. She was watching him as they kissed and his eyes opened wide as he felt her rub the shaft up and down. As their lips parted, she gently bite his lip.

“I have some food at my place, let’s skip going out for lunch and head back to my place.” she told him.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Could the taxi be any slower? She thought to herself as it finally dropped off them off in front of her condo building. She got out her pass-card, unlocked the front door, and enter the condo. When she recanted this story with her friend (that owned the condo) later, she would say she gently placed the keys back in the tray on the hallway table. The truth was she threw those damn keys and her coat to the floor as soon as the front door closed. Her hands were exploring Kellan’s body, feeling his body through his clothes and she remember how he looked yesterday on the flight. She recalled how at the time, she had wanted to unbutton his shirt, how he smelled. He was now here in front of her and he looked and felt better than she could remember. She found herself undoing the buttons and on his dress short while at the same time, she inhaled deeply to gather in his sweet scent. His hands rubbed her shoulders as he gave her free reign to undo his shirt buttons. She felt his hands gently rubbing her shoulders, back and forth, from her shoulders and neck to her biceps. A few of his top buttons were undone and she lean forward and kissed his bare chest. Her tongue was lightly drawing circles on his chest. She gave him a little kiss where she had just been focused and lean backwards.

Those damn sexy green eyes were staring at her, they locked eyes as her fingers undid the last remaining buttons on his dress shirt. He continued to have his hands stroking her shoulders, but not without stopping to pull her close and kiss her as soon as the last button was done. With his shirt open and his bare chest exposed, she ran her hands up and down his chest. She played with his chest hair and her hands were soon near the top, pushing his shirt off his shoulders.

She watched his shirt descend, first it slipped off his shoulders, then his arms, and finally it fell to the floor where it would rest until the next morning.

She pushed him against the hallway wall and didn’t stop. Have you ever felt that insatiable appetite take you over? Perhaps a few moments before, you were causal and sexy, but now you were hungry and wanted to devour your prey? Riley felt this way, she wanted Kellan. She wanted Kellan to lick her clit, to take her from behind, to slide his cock slowly in and back out, then in again. She wanted to feel his fingers rub her nipples between his fingers and pinched them.

Riley spun around, her back was against Kellan and she grinded her ass into his hard cock. She slide up and down and felt his hardness.

Without missing a beat, Kellan’s hands were lifting her dress, his hands on her hips, his fingers at the top of her lace panties. His hand was now down, into her panties. His middle finger massaged her vagina, he felt her wetness, another finger joined the first massaging and then his fingers slipped inside her. She moaned as her wetness and his fingers met for the first time. She felt his mouth on her shoulder, then his teeth as he gnawed on her shoulder. Riley was in heaven. Kellan bite her shoulder and his thumb began to rub her clit. She almost fell as his thumb rubbed, then applied pressure on her clit. She gasped as he began to focus on her clit, throwing her head back. With her neck exposed, he kissed it and she reached up to wrap her hand around him. She gasped for air as Kellan went back and forth between inserting his fingers and his thumb rubbing her clit.

His lips were soft on her neck and his attention to her clit pushed her over the edge. She gasped for air as her first orgasm of the night, made her knees buckle.

Kellan was beside himself when Riley was moving to his touch. His last girlfriend had made him doubt that he knew anything about the female body. The way Riley had responded to his touch restored his confidence. He was determine to make this a night for Riley. To be bold and fulfill her needs and push both their limits. He loved how wet she was, how she enjoyed his touch, how she wanted him. And when she came, he felt her coming and her voice was cemented in his mind as she screamed “Oh…yes…fucking yes…”

She was now weak in the knees but she somehow direct Kellan to the bedroom, kissing him along the way. Her hands were at his belt undoing it. Kellan’s hands were lifting her dress up over her head before she knew it. As if they were in race to see who could finishing undressing the other one, her hands undid the buttons on his slacks. She was tugging his slacks down, admiring his hard cock in his briefs, pushing to escape. She stroked it with a loving touch, focusing on it as Kellan’s fingers traced the top of her bra, slipping is fingers underneath the fabric and rubbing her nipples.

Damn, this man had a certain air of confidence to him. Not cocky but definitely someone who was proud of his ability to please a woman. Kellan reached around to undue her bra’s clasp. He always had trouble with these damn things and Riley giggled to herself. He finally got it undone and Riley’s breasts were free. Soon Kellan was licking her breasts, his tongue on the underside of her boob, taking the long way around, and then ending on her nipples. He found that one nipple was a little more sensitive than the other one and he filed that knowledge into the back of his mind.

His left hand was on her hip, then on the top of her panties. He hooked his thumb into Riley’s panties and his other hand mirrored his first hand. He pulled her lace panties down and once past the hips they fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them. He hadn’t noticed that Riley was just as competent and had his briefs sliding down his legs. Her hand was griping his shaft, then it was pumping it. But before she could do more, Kellan pushed her onto the bed. With her wetness on display for him, she found his face in between her legs. She was still sensitive from her first orgasm so when Kellan’s tongue lightly touched her clit, she gasped and thought she might quickly come again. His tongue went from the top of her clit, to the bottom, and then back up again. She gripped his beautiful head in her hands and his face was deep inside her. His tongue pushed on her clit, then he slide it down and probed her vagina. He licked her vagina lips but always came back to the clit he loved so much. His hands went under her thighs as she laid on the bed. When it became too intense and she could feel her orgasm coming, she pulled away. She wanted this moment to last.

As she pulled away, his fingers followed her and he slipped the first finger into her. He continued to lick her clit, and she wiggled under his touch. She was wet from her excitement and from his attention. He slide his second finger in and snaked his free hand around her leg. As his fingers slide in and out, he intensified his attention to her clit. She pushed away and he pulled her back and forced the fierce orgasm on her. Her head flailed back and she swore her eyes rode to the back of her head. Most of her past lovers didn’t take the time to bring her to an orgasm.

She practically squeezed his head together between her hands when she came that second time. While most men would have stopped, she slowly lapped at her her clit yet again. Her body was limp again but she was still sensitive. He blew across her clit, and then gently licked it. Her heard her gasp and er body tensed, then relaxed.

“Kellan, you made me come so hard and now I feel so sensitive down there.”

His tongue, licked the inside of her thigh, then he did the other leg. He was slowly working his way back to her wetness. Slowly, so very slowly, he lick her pussy lips, he felt her hands on his head, and then again licked her clit. Again she gasps and let out a sigh, as he continued his massage of her lips and clit. He was was so hard just knowing he was pleasing her. His cock was rubbing on the bed sheets as he focused on her.

“Kellan….you are amazing at that.”

“Well, you taste amazing. I could pleasure you all night long if you let me.” He added his fingers to the mix and soon he slipped one finger inside her, has his tongue focused on her clit. The she added a second finger and massaged her.

“Oh fuck yes.” Her voice grew in loudness as he rapidly increased his attention to her. And then all of the sudden, he felt her pussy grabs tight his fingers, and her body tensed up again. Riley arched her back and rammed her pussy into Kellan’s face.

“Kellan, baby. You need to slide that big hard cock inside me. You’ve gotten me so wet from your loving attention.”

He didn’t need a second invitation, and he crawled up the bed. He kissed her stomach, then he his tongue drew a line on the underside of Riley’s left breast, then the right. He flicked her nipples and took her left nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, and then tugging it, using his teeth to clamp down. As soon as his released her nipple, Riley pulled him up and her hand was on his cock.

“Oh, you are very hard, aren’t you? Why don’t you ram that hardness inside of me?” Riley suggested and then she was glided him towards her wet sex.

Kellan held his cock and rubbed his head around her vagina. He slide it up and down, the tip touching her clit, and then he slide it into her opening. Along with her own sex juices and wet from his attention, he slide deep inside her. He was sliding in deep and then he was coming all the way out so his head almost left her, then he slide back inside. She met him as he reached the bottom and ground herself into him. She could feel his thickness and when he was all the way in, he was hitting a fantastic spot in her body.

“You feel so good, Riley. I knew you and I would be fantastic together as soon as we kissed. That kiss was full of passion.” He continued fucking her in a slow, positive rhythm, with each thrust inside of her, she repeat her effort to meet him and grind against him. He is hitting all the right spots, Riley thought to herself. She had snaked her arms around him and she felt his hard, strong back. She could get use to feeling him. And he wasn’t in a rush either, he was giving her pleasure with each stroke. Riley’s head went back has he dove deeper into her. And when he pulled outwards, she leaned forward and watched his slick cock slide to the very edge of her pussy.

She watched as he slid his cock inside. He lowered his head and was licking her breast, her nipples. His hand grab her hip and he spun her around so they could switched positions and she was now on top. She leaned over him, her hands pressing down on his strong chest, grinding her smooth pussy against him, and thrusting him deep inside. She swore his cock just got bigger. Her hands moved from his chest to his broad shoulders which allowed her to change her angle.

Every time she came down on him, she would lean forward and he would seize the opportunity to lick her nipples. His hands rested on her hips, and directed her to thrust down harder on him. She gasped as she felt him all the way in. She was in a zone of ecstasy as she rode him. She was in control, she listened to her own moaning and grunting. With each thrust, he was so deep, the pleasure so good. She could hear Kellan urging her on.

“Come on, baby. I want you to come hard as you take me deep inside you. I want to watch your face, and feel you when I release my load.”

His own words were about to push him over the edge. He could fill himself getting ready to come. Riley looked exquisite, her hair was flowing, off her shoulders, covering her breasts. As soon as he was deep inside her, she tipped her head back, and her hair would fall back. He ran his hands up the sides of her body, stopping to caress her breasts, his thumbs playing with her nipples. He liked the feel of them under his thumbs, then he had them between his fingers, sliding his fingers up and down in between his fingers.

Riley felt Kellan working his thumbs in circles on her breasts. Then he moved his hands onto her shoulders and she knew he was close to coming. He pressed up into her, his grip tighten and he screamed as he released. She was close to coming as well, and she rubbed her clit to push her over the edge so she could joined him. She shuddered as they came together, his cock gripped tight by her pussy as her orgasm caused lightning to race through her body. Gasping for air, as his orgasm hit him, Kellan threw his head back.

Riley collapsed onto his chest. She nuzzled her face into his neck, kissed his neck, then she kissed his lips, finally ending with her tongue back into his mouth. He returned her kisses, then turned towards her, he stared into her eyes, as she rolled off of him and join him in the bed. They both laid on the bed together, he stroked her hair, pushing a few strands behind her ear, as she closed her eyes. She could smell his cologne mixed in with the passionate smell of their sexual journey.

“That was very intense for me, Riley. You were amazing. I could have watched you all day, riding my cock.”

“Thank you…you are a wonderful lover. We really are in tune with each other.” She replied. “I’m looking forward to what the rest of the trip will be like.”

Deutsches Museum Adventure

Anna worked her way down and had found herself in the basement level of the Deutsches Museum, looking at the old submarine, models of classic cruise ships, and maps. With the unusual heatwave Munich was experiencing, it was nice to be in the cooler climate of the basement. She was smart enough to wear a dress during this heat wave and was enjoying the leisurely pace of her exploration of the Deutsches Museum. With no one to accompany her, she was the one that was able to set the pace, to read what she wanted to read, to take her time enjoy the vastly different exhibits the museum had to offer.

She rarely had time to herself these days. With her divorce, she was the one who had taken on the primary responsibility of the governing parent. Now she was having to care for her children all by herself, she often discovered she wasn’t sure which way was up or down. However, this week would be different. This week was her’s. The kids were staying with their father in Frankfurt and she had the whole week to herself. No appointments to keep, no meals to prepare and make. She imagined being able to sleep in, let the sunlight gently wake her up in the morning instead of the kids. Oh, and she was so looking forward to having a nice cup of coffee on the back deck, overlooking her yard, letting the aroma of the flowers that accented the summer air reach her on their own accord, letting her mind drift and daydream.

But today was the first day of her holiday week by herself and she had decided to come to the Deutsches Museum. Since she was a small child, the Deutsches Museum in Munich was one of her favorite museums. When she was younger, her mother had brought her and her siblings here to explore and learn as much as possible. There was so much to see and do. You could lose youself in the delightful treasures. You could spend a whole day here and never see it all. Did she have a favorite room? Not really. It was just a place than brought her peace and a certain calmness. Much like an old friend, the museum was familiar and always welcoming. One could get lost in the treasures of the past, imagining herself in a different time period, enjoying a different lifestyle, living as a different person.

Now she found herself wandering thought the basement of the museum. It seemed to be busier than normal, especially on a Monday. One would have thought that with all the hot weather, everyone would be skipping the museum and instead be outside enjoying the parks of the city. 

She was at the submarine display when she noticed him. He was clearly by himself and he was busy reading the display information that detailed the specs of the submarine. She watched him as he took photos of the inside of the submarine, then he took a photo of the description, and he looked up and scanned the length of the submarine. He looked at her but their eyes didn’t meet. He glanced down at his phone and his eyebrows frowned; as if he didn’t quite understand the image he was looking at on his phone. What was he confused about, she wondered.

It was at this moment, he looked up again and this time their eyes did make connect. He smiled at her and this caused her to naturally smile back. He was an attractive man and for a moment she blushed, thinking how he might be in bed. He walked with confident, his broad shoulders accentuated by his backpack straps, his khaki shorts hung a little under his hips, the tailored blue shirt falling down nicely across his chest and frame. He was a man who was on a mission, she thought. Of course, she now realized he was coming over to talk with her and she imagined the conversation would be awkward. She was newly divorced and wasn’t up to speed on what single people chat about. Would she get tongue tied?

“Excuse me,” he spoke in German. “would you take a photograph of me with the submarine in the background, please?”

For a fleeting moment she was embarrassed that she had assumed he was trying to engage in a regular conversation. Get a grip, Anna, she told herself. He just wants you to take a photo of him for his scrapbook. He isn’t asking you out on a date. Help the guy out and take his photo and he will be on his way,

He posed by the submarine, he put more weight on his left foot and this cause him to lean in towards the submarine. He smiled for the photo, his eyes broadcasting his friendliness and good nature. Anna began to smile herself as she took a few photos. His smile was very enticing. She lowered the camera and they walked towards each other. She held out the camera for him to take and as she passed it back to him, their hands touched. For that fleeting moment, they touched and she swore she felt a spark. Get a grip, Anna, she told herself.

“You better check the photos, “she told him. “Make sure I did a good job and didn’t cut off the top of your head.”

“Sorry, my German isn’t very good,” he told her. “Do you speak English?”

Of course, she did and they continued the conversation in English. He pushed the replay button and brought up the images she had taken. He stood by her side and leaned towards her. She could smell his cologne and the scent was mesmerizing. She closed her eyes and deeply inhaled his pleasant fragrance in. It was nice to be standing close to a man, smelling his scent, feeling the heat of his body. She felt like a high school girl standing next to her crush, waiting for him to talk to her.

“These are very good. Thank you so much. I like this second one you took.” He showed the image to her and she looked at it. She had given off him an off center pose, a bit so that both the submarine and he showed up in the image. She stared at the image, noticed his green eyes in the photo and then looked up at him to compare his eyes to the ones in the photo. Yes, he definitely had some gorgeous green eyes.

She broke off their stare and took a step back.

“Well, enjoy the rest of the museum,” she said.

“I will. This is a wonderful museum and I’m enjoying it immensely, As you can probably figure out, I’m visiting Munich for a vacation and trying to see all the sights I can.”

“Munich is a beautiful city. You’ll love it here.”

“I know I will.” he answered. “I hate to be so bold, however, would you like to get a cup of coffee and perhaps some cake? I’ve been here a while and would love to take a break, enjoy some coffee and cake and if it isn’t too much trouble, ask you a few things about Munich and what I should see.”

Anna knew she could take this moment to decline his request. He was a foreigner, she could say she wasn’t interested. She could say she had an appointment to get to. She could say she was too busy for this break.

But she didn’t. She didn’t dismiss him. She took a deep breath and decided then and there she was going to be more outgoing and courageous. It just coffee and cake here in the museum cafe. She needed a break too. Why not enjoy her afternoon coffee with this attractive man?

“Yes, I would like that very much.”

She lead the way to the cafe and they ordered their coffee and cake. The day had been warming up and Anna noticed the heat. She took off the sweater she had been wearing and draped it across the back of her chair. The sundress she was wearing, was one of her favorites. It enbosomed her body in all the right places. With her divorced finalized, she had treated herself to this dress as a reward for all the nonsense she had put with her husband. Ex-husband, that is. She wasn’t a flashy person but this dress was the start of her transformation from a boring housewife to an outgoing single person. Was she boring? Of course not. But she had told that story to herself for so long it was the person she thought she was.

As they talked over coffee and cake, she learned his name was Greyson and he was traveling around Germany for the summer. Munich was his first stop and he had a casual itinerary planned.

“Don’t worry; I’m not a vagabond. I just have a lot of vacation time I need to use.” he offered his story to her in between sips of his coffee. She watched his lips as he gently brought the cup to his mouth. Every so often, he would lick his lips after taking a bite of his cake and she envisioned the two of them kissing.

He had pulled out a paper map of Munich. She noticed a few places that he had circled on it. They discuss his likes and dislikes and from there, she recommended places he might enjoy and other places he could avoid since they wouldn’t suit his tastes. He was sitting close to her and every so often, their legs would brush and bump against each other. She found herself laughing at his stupid jokes and a few times her hands would fall on his forearm, sometimes giving him a squeeze to emphasize how much she was enjoying herself.

How long had it been since she was able to relax and laugh with a man? Her friends were fun to be around but they couldn’t give her the attention like a man could. And she hadn’t been dating anyone and most of her friends were still married, so this was a welcome change of pace for her. A nice afternoon, enjoying coffee and a bit of cake. She was living in the moment for a change.

“Are you done with your cake?” Greyson asked her. He was signaling to her last few bites of cake that she had left.

“Yes, I’m done.” Greyson gathered up the plates and dropped them into the cafe’s garbage. Her ex-husband would n ever have done that. Even when they had been dating, she took care of him. Perhaps it was a little old fashion but at the time, it was fine with her. But now, she enjoyed being taken of.

“Shall we tour the museum a bit more?” He offered his hand to her and she took it. He rose from her chair and noticed Greyson staring at her. He smiled as he looked at her and again, Anna felt a self conscience about herself. She pushed her hair back, and tucked it behind her ear. She gather her bag and sweater and they started back inside the museum.

Anna was a terrific unofficial tour guide. They wandered from room to room, from exhibit to exhibit, and she showed him her favorite hidden museum treasures. For his part, Greyson’s rapt attention and thoughtful questions keep the afternoon flowing. They walked up the stairs and the conversation was delighted. She learned about Greyson and his family back home. She was forthcoming with him and talked about her family and her ex-husband. She had to admit, he was quite charming and asked good questions.

They had worked their way to the rooftop deck of the museum. They had a view of the Isar River. It was breezy, and her dress fluttered. She brushed the hair from her face and she looked over at shoulder towards Greyson. He was smiling at her and then raised his camera to take her photo. Usually, she would have shied away from having her photo taken. But not today. Today, she flashed Greyson a devilish smile.

It took mere seconds for Greyson to close the gap between him. There was no hesitation on his part as he forcefully stepped towards her, letting his backpack fall to the ground. He embraced her hungrily, at first she felt his arms around her waist; one hand pulling her close into him. His lips were soon on hers and they were kissing. Her hands moving up his chest, then his shoulders. Oh how she had wondered all day long how his shoulders would feel. Earlier in the day, she had been watching him as he read one of the exhibit descriptions, and found herself fantasizing that her hands were wandering all over his body. At that moment, she slowly noticed she was biting her lip and now, here she was, on the rooftop kissing him. She allowed her hands to enjoy his taint shoulder muscles and her fingers drifted up further and then grabbed his head.

He was an excellent kisser and she began to melt. She could feel herself getting wet from his kisses. Their tongues dancing with each other, introducing the passion. Rarely, had a man caused her to be aroused so quickly.

She noticed his cock was growing hard as he pressed into her. She ground her pelvis against him, leaving no doubt that she was enjoying this as much as she he was. Her hand had dropped to his butt and she pulled him tightly to him.

Greyson was soon kissing behind her ear, he stopped to nibble it, and she could feel his hot breath on her skin. He kissed her neck and she tilted her head to allow him to kiss it. He licked her neck and his hand was stroking her back. 

“Anna, I don’t think I can wait any longer. We need to leave and get out of here. You have been driving me crazy all day long. I’ve been trying to behave but I need you now.”

She had taken the train in but Greyson had walked to the museum from his hotel and this made their choice to go to his hotel easier. As they entered the elevator, he slide his key card through the security system, and pushed the button for the top floor. As soon as the doors closed, he wrapped his arm around her waist and again pulled her close. He kissed her and she inhaled his sexy scent, and she was pretty sure she let out a moan as he kissed her neck. She pushed him back up against the wall, her hand dropped to his hard cock, and she stroked it throw the fabric of his shorts.

The elevator doors opened and he grabbed her hand. He directed her to his room, slide the key card, and opened the door. His room overlooked the river but she had little time to enjoy the view because as soon as he had closed the door, she grabbed his hand in hers and pull him closer to the bed. They stood at the end of the bed and her hands roamed up and down his shirt. Starting at the top of his shirt, her hands were at the buttons, playing with them between her fingers, She carefully started undoing them. Once she had a few done, she leaned towards him and licked his chest. She kissed his, occasionally nibbling it. Her hands meandered through his chest hair, and returned to the task of undoing the last few remaining buttons.

Greyson held up his hands as Anna unbuttoned his shirt. Her breath and kisses on his chest was driving him wild. He had noticed her the moment he had entered the basement of the museum. She was crazy sexy in her summer dress, standing by herself. He knew he had to take the chance and make up any excuse to talk with her. He was lucky she knew English because his German language skills were terrible. Throughout the day, he had tried not to stare at her. Besides being beautiful, she was friendly, charming, and smart.

Anna finished undoing his last button and with that, she pushed him on the bed. She climbed onto the bed, straddled his hips, and her hair flowed down the front of her dress. He rested his hands on her hips and massaged them. Anna leaned over and ran her fingers up and down his chest. She leaned further over, and brushed her lips against his. She could feel his hard cock straining against his shorts, throbbing to get out. She knew she was getting hot and bothered, her panties were already soaked. Greyson’s hands moved from her hips, under the hem of her dress, and he caressed her upper thighs. He rubbed his hands up and down, feeling the smoothness of her skin in his hands. His thumbs brushed against her panties and then she felt his thumb push against the thin cloth that separated her clit from his thumb. She moaned and when he knew he has pleased her, he rubbed her harder. She gasped once more as he pressed the fabric against her clit, his thumb gently pressing, and then drawing a circle, as she moaned her approval.

His thumb rubbed her clit, and she tightened her grip on his chest, then released it. She let out a louder moan and leaned abruptly done to kiss him. She was hungered for him, she wanted to have him, to feel his hands exploring her body, his kisses on her skin, and his tongue tracing a route to her sweetness. She craved him and hungrily covered his mouth with kisses.

His hands found her wrists and he slides her onto her back. He’s laying on top of her, his cock still straining to get free, throbbing in the tight confides of his shorts. She is loving the hardness. Anna pushes him off and Greyson moves next to her. Anna’s hand is on his crotch rubbing him, and then she pushes him on his back. Now both her hands are unfastening his shorts, she pulls the zipper down, and his cock is still under his underwear. There is a wet spot on his and she rubs here hand up and down his shaft.

“Hmm,” she says “we need to get him free.” She licks her lips after she says this to him. Greyson rolls off the bed, stands up, and his loosen shorts fall to the ground. He kicks them off, and Anna is already reaching over to pull down his boxers. Her hands tug them down, pass his hips and they fall to the ground. Now, his cock is free and stands at attention. 

“Wunderbar.” Anna says as her hand reaches up to stroke his hardness. She is still laying on the bed, her head on a white pillow, Greyson standing there with his hard cock. She’s gentle as she reaches up and grips his cock in her hand. Greyson takes a step forward as she tugs on his cock, directing him towards her. As soon as he is close enough, she parts her lips and brings his cock into her mouth. Its a slow, tender suck. She wants this moment to last, building up the anticipation is paramount for her. To assure that he knows what he is in store for this evening. Her tongue circles around the outside of this cock near the base, then she moves her way up towards the head. She likes to be loud for him. She moans loudly, and she swears she felt him grow even harder. She sucks and pulls out his hard cock, she extends her tongue out and swirls it around his head.

Greyson’s hand is stroking her hair, he runs his fingers through its silkiness. He closes his eyes, and his tilts his head back as Anna’s tongue is roaming all over his hardness. He inhales and he catches the faint scent of cinnamon.

His cock is definitely larger than her ex-husband’s and she smiles to herself thinking how Greyson will feel inside her pussy. In the meantime, she is loving his taste and hardness filling her mouth. Her ex never enjoyed having his cock sucked but Anna found a power knowing she was bringing pleasure to her lover. She can see Greyosn tilt his head back as she engulfs his hard cock, and she hears him moan to his pleasure goddess.

“Anna,” he exhales her name as she slowly withdraws from him, “you are truly amazing.”

Her hand has snaked around to his ass and when she has him in her mouth, she squeezes his ass tight. He gasps as she sucks a little harder as she does this. He could explode in her mouth and she would swallow all that he can offer. He is growing weak in the knees.

She again sucks him to the end of his cock, her tongue licks just the head and a smile comes across her face as she does this. She instructs him to come and lay on the bed, and Greyson is soon on his back. Anna is still between his legs, she’s fondling his balls, her hand stroking his cock. She is using her saliva as a lubricant and she has shifted his attention to his balls. Up her tongue goes along the ridge on the underside of his cock and soon she has him back in her mouth. She knows he can’t pull back and she takes him all in. He has nowhere to go and he is quickly back to the point that he is coming.

She slows down and she can feel his tighten muscles relaxing again. Up and down she goes. Trading her techniques up – a little kissing, some licking and a lot of sucking. She speeds up a bit and knows that Greyson won’t be able to stop himself from coming. She greedily is sucking to fruition and she his hands are now in her hair as he screams her name and his come cascades into her mouth. She drains him dry, licking her lips as squeezes the last bit of come from him.

Greyson is laying there with his arm draped across his forehead. Anna has moved up and is nestled into his body.

“Damn, Anna. That was fantastic. You had me edging so many times, taking me almost to the peak, but not allowing me to go over it.” He is stroking her back as he relays this to her. His fingers dancing around her spine, then rubbing between her shoulder blades. Anna’s hand is rubbing his cock. She feels it returning to life but before she can say something, he has rolled out from under her and his head is headed to her pussy.

She feels his tongue start from the bottom of her vagina and licks it all the way up to her clit. At the clit, his tongue is now focusing; probing, circling, licking. Unlike Anna, he is going hard at her and she can feel her pulse rapidly increasing with the rapt attention he is giving her. Her bedsheets are balled up in her hands and she arches her back, shoving her crotch into his face, Urging him on and on and on.

His intense attention to detail and her body’s response is making her so wet. Its like she’s a spring and the first orgasm is the first thaw of a long winter. She leans up and grabs his face. Her head is cupped in her hands as lighting is surging from her pussy. Oh, he was good and he brought her the relief she needed. As her orgasm subsided, she feel back into the bed. Her eyes were closed and she felt his tongue again gently lick her clit. She shivered as the lap of his tongue continued to unleash her orgasms. She withered in the bed, her hips sliding about, and her hands gripped and then released the sheets so many times, she lost count. She continued to quiver as he licked her, his tongue slowly down and coming to a leisurely stop. Anna took a deep breath, letting out a sigh.

“Fantastisch…” she told him, “Völlig fantastisch.”

Abby’s Adventure

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HOT TUB seaside-694378

It had been a long school year for my wife Abby and I was looking forward to our vacation. We had rented a wonderful little cabin in the small town of Manson in Washington State. it is a bit of a high desert area which resulted in award winning wineries and a robust summer vacation destination. The town of Manson sat upon the shores of Lake Chelan and we were eager to explore the area.

The cabin we rented was located overlooking the deep blue waters of Lake Chelan. A family had just purchased it and gave us a fantastic lodging deal for a week. We could walk downtown, stay in the confines of our little cabin, or enjoy our private hot tub under the clear night skies. We had a week to enjoy ourselves.

The cabin itself wasn’t bad; however the neighbors weren’t so good. It seems that a group of very handsome recently graduated college students had rented the cabin next door. Now, I’m not a prude in the least, but these gentleman did like to party. They were friendly enough during the day but they were fairly loud at night. They also had a hot tub and were enjoy the use of it until the wee hours of the morning.

On the second day of our vacation, Abby and I were in our hot tub, drinking a lovely merlot when Jason walked into our yard. He was only a few years younger than us, and you could tell he got around with the ladies.

“Hate to bother you guys, but do you have a wine opener we could borrow? We broke ours and we have a few guests we need to entertain.” I spied some very attractive ladies behind Jason and I knew he and his friends would be having an awesome time tonight.

Abby was quick to get up out of the hot tub and offer our wine opener for their use. I must admit, my wife looks fantastic. She had worn a beautiful dark blue bikini that showed off her wonderful ass and her large tasty Breasts. She keep herself in good shape and I could see Jason eyeing her up and down as she swayed her cute ass into our cabin. I could see through the window, her find the wine opener, drop it on the front, and slowly bend over to get it giving Jason a nice view of her luscious ass. Her tits hung down and I swear I saw him lick his lips.

She picked up the wine opener and handed it over to Jason. He left, and she walked out ever so casually back to the hot tub.

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“What was what about?” She asked right back.

“The little tease you did for our neighbor.”

“Me? Teasing our neighbor? I haven’t a clue what you are talking about.”

I eyed her but I chalked it up to her drinking a little too much wine and the heat of the hot tub. We enjoyed the hot tub a few minutes longer, and ate a wonderful dinner at the local bbq joint down the street.

When we returned to our cabin, I was feeling a little sick. Abby told me to go lie down and relax. She would be there in a while.

I really don’t remember falling asleep but I did. Abby, however wanted to open up another bottle of wine. She remembered that our bottle opener was over at the neighbors’ cabin.

Abby walked over and gently knocked at the door. It was a miracle anyone heard her with the music being so loud, however, a tall good looking thinly built but muscular guy opens the door.

“Hey neighbor, what can I do for you?” He asked.

“I just came over to get my wine opener. Jason borrowed it earlier.” Abby informed the shirtless neighbor. She subconsciously licked her lips as she eyed him up and down.

“No problem, come on in and we can find that bottle opener for you.” He grabbed Abby’s hand and lead her into the house.

The next thing Abby knew was she was sitting on the couch, drinking wine with several attractive guys around her. There were a couple of other girls but they seem to have wandered off. She was alone, drinking, and enjoying herself. What was wrong with a little harmless flirting with the neighbor guys?

As she leaned back into the couch, she noticed a couple of guys standing behind her. They were probably just looking down her tight black shirt she had wore for dinner, her breasts staining against the fabric, aching to be free.

Jason sat down next to her on the couch, and God, he was gorgeous. Before she even knew what was happening, he was leaning over and kissing her. His right hand was on her knee and working its way up her leg, under the hem of her white skirt. Oh, she had to stop this. She pushed him away. But he didn’t stop…

“Abby, I saw the way you have been checking us out. You are a dirty whore and we are going to suck and fuck you raw tonight.”

Abby’s arms were jerked up over her head by the guys looming over. Crap, what was about to happen? Jason torn open her blouse. Her sexy bra she was wearing just for her husband was suddenly exposed.

Car Shopping

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I met this wonderful women on the internet by accident. She had responded to an ad I had posted about a car that I was selling. She recently had separated from her husband (who happened to be a real douche bag from the sound of it). A gorgeous mother with an extremely sexy body. I don’t know if she knew she was so beautiful but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I felt bad staring at her as she looked at my car. I tried to stay focus and professional. For pete’s sake it was a car I was selling, not trying to become her lover.

We chatted about the car for a while. It was oblivious she liked it. It was clean and well taken care of. After a few minutes of haggling, we agreed on a price. I invited her to come in and we could finalize up the paperwork. This was about the same time, my friend Sean stopped by.

Sean is a handsome guy and we went to college together. He doesn’t think he is handsome but he is. Women like his tall slender frame and his husky voice. He works out and keeps himself in good shape.

As we talked about the car, I discovered this wonderful women’s name was Emily. I knew Sean would like her immediately. I was quite jealous at this point. I had secretly wanted her for myself. He was laying on the charm thick and Emily was enjoying the attention. I must admit, I was enjoying the flirting that was going on between the two of them. I could tell Emily liked Sean.­

I had to excuse myself to get a pen from my office and when I came back, Sean had Emily in a warm embrace, kissing her deeply. Her right hand was reaching behind his neck pulling him closer and her left hand was on his tight ass. You could tell they were enjoying each other.

I cleared my throat to wake them from their private little world. Who was I to judge them? They had just met but she was so sexy….I didn’t blame Sean for it. I wanted to do the same with her.

Before I knew what was happening…she was kissing me. I wanted to stop but she was so soft and delicious. Her perfume was light and refreshing…inviting me to continue to explore her. How was she doing this to me…? Making me so hard with a simple kiss?

The three of us made our way to my bedroom…the clothes fell away…she was so willing, so beautiful, and I knew I had to have her. She laid on the bed and I pulled her lace panties away…I kissed her inner thighs and my lips gently brushed her clit, I felt her sliver…

Sean was hard and thick…she reached up and pulled his cock towards her mouth…gently she took him in…he grabbed the back of her head and slowly fucked her mouth. She didn’t stop him, nor did she hurry him. They kept the prefect pace….all the time, my tongue was deep inside her sweet, shaved pussy…juices were flowing…and my tongue was licking…I was in heaven. She squirmed underneath me…and thrust to get me deeper inside.

Emily was so sweet I could spend hours down there in her honey pot. But she would have none of it, she pulled me up and told me to fuck her as she sucked Sean’s huge dick…. She rolled over and I teased her a bit as the tip of my cock circled and rubbed against her sweet pussy lips. She moaned a bit but the moans were lost in the slurping of her expert cock sucking skills. Sean keep telling her how good she was and that she knew how to bring him to the edge and then stop. He wanted to come in her mouth but she wanted to prolong the pleasure for him.

I knew I wanted to be inside Emily bad but I also knew I wanted to make her feel like she had won the lottery. This wasn’t going to be some quick fuck, she was going to be driven hard and she was going to enjoy it. I wanted her to share in the joy of what was happening, to have an experience that would make her eyes roll and to say “Kevin, please don’t fucking stop”.

As my cock circled her pussy lips, she moaned and I couldn’t help but thrust my rock hard cock deep in my first plunge. She let out a little gasp, took a breath, and continued to work on Sean’s cock. As my thrust in and out of Emily’s warm pussy, I raised my left knee up so my cock reached a slightly different angle. Emily’s back arch a bit…I could tell she was enjoying herself. And that’s what I wanted. For her to forget her troubles, to feel wanted and desired.

At some point as I was fucking Emily, she stopped sucking Sean’s cock. I didn’t notice at first but he came over to me and told me it was his turn to please Emily.

I wanted to keep going but I wasn’t going to rush to cum just for him. I pulled out and Emily gave a sad little playful whimper. Sean flipped Emily to her side and pulled her close as they laid on the edge of the bed. She wasn’t done with me. She fondled my balls and stroked my member…keeping me stiff and hard. She kissed my head and lipped the tip….then with a quick opening of her lovely mouth, she took me all the way in. Her left hand cupped my balls. My goodness, Sean wasn’t joking, she was a gifted cocksmith when it came to cock sucking.

I loved how her tongue swirled around. I knew Sean and Emily were close to cumming, her eyes were closing and she had to stop sucking my cock once in a while to catch her breath. Sean’s chest muscles tightened and I knew he was cumming deep inside her…I couldn’t stop myself and I started cumming in Emily’s sweet mouth. She almost kept my cock in but Sean’s deep thrusts were too much and I shot my load on her face. She laughed a bit but caught some of my salty surprise in her mouth. She insisted she lick the tip to make sure she got the last drop of my manhood.

I felt relaxed but I also knew that this night was far from over….

Lake Chelan Adventure

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women-188160 5x7

My friend had called me in the middle of the week and asked me to head over to his vacation condo. He had some kind of alarm sensor going off and needed me to check it out. Being self-employed, all my friends think I can just drop everything and help them at the last minute. Luckily, as a writer, I can work anywhere. Working at his condo for a few days would be a welcome break from my typical office routine. I was looking forward to the break from the rain of the Seattle area.

The three and a half hour drive to the Lake Chelan area was a pleasant one for me. Decent traffic, no stops needed except for the local grocery store. They have a surprising good cheese selection for a small town. And, of course ,the local wines are wonderful. You have an unbelievable amount of small, local wineries all around the foothills of the Lake Chelan. You can decide between a smoky red and a pleasant oak barreled white to entice your taste buds on a hot June evening. On top of that, the restaurants and bars served an implausible amount of beers from the local microbreweries. Between the wine and beer selections, you could spend months or perhaps a few years trying them all. Now, that wouldn’t be a bad summer adventure at all.

I made it to the condo with a few bags of groceries, my suitcase, an old red tool box and my tool belt. Besides my career as a writer, my friends also thought I was a handyman of sorts. With my large garage, I did tend to have quite a collection of tools and the picture of me as a handyman wasn’t too far off. I dropped my bags in the condo, strapped on my tool belt and started looking for the misfiring alarm sensor.

It finally dawned on me that the last sensor was most likely the culprit. Needless to say, it was the one out of reach and I had to find the ladder to reach it. I headed downstairs to the garage. As I passed the neighbor’s door, it swung open and the neighbor asked me if I could help her. I had met her once before a year or two back. At the time, it was winter and we had only a quick introduction. This time I noticed how gorgeous she was.

“Hi….I hate to bother you…” she began, “but when you are done, could you come and look at my stove for me? One of the burners isn’t working.”

I stumbled over my thoughts before I could muster up an answer.

“Um, sure. Not a problem…I’m almost done.” Wow, for a writer, what an amazing wordsmith I turned out to be. I still get a bit fluster around women and the sexier they are, the harder it is for me to act like I have half a brain. I still get a little nervous, like I’m in high school again and every girl could be a potential prom date. However, I wasn’t in high school and I can talk to her. I had to give myself a pep talk. I was a college graduate that had a successful career as a writer; I can talk to her. At least, this is what I told myself.

I got the ladder and pretty much ran up the stairs to address that last sensor. This had to be the misfiring one that caused the funky alarm code. My friend had a spare and I just swapped them out. I had to get back downstairs to fix the neighbor’s stove. I didn’t have a lot of time to worry about this alarm sensor. I was looking forward to chatting with the sexy neighbor.

I knocked on the condo’s front door, and she opened the door wearing a yellow sundress. Long dark hair that cascaded down her shoulders, stunning eyebrows, and green eyes that warmed my heart and other areas of my body. This was going to be a somewhat hard and distracting job due to her looks.

“I’ve tried the breaker and this burner still won’t turn on,” she informed me. I chuckled to myself that she was turning me on but keep those thoughts to myself.

“At least you aren’t some helpless damsel in distress from that statement.” I commented.

She laughed. “No, not quite. My father made me learn various ‘manly’ things so repairmen or mechanics wouldn’t take advantage of me.”

All I want to do is take advantage of you. Again, I kept another dirty thought to myself.

I moved towards the stove and pulled out the burner. The connections points looked a little rusty; so I cleaned them a bit, and placed the burner back in. I fiddled with the power knob and by some miracle, the burner lit up again. I was going to look like a hero.

“Not bad, maintenance man. It looks like you did your job today.” She said with a laugh and a smile. She lifted up her hand for a high five. I returned the high five.

“I noticed it was five o’clock. You up for a glass of wine or a beer, maintenance man?”

“Considering it is five o’clock somewhere. I would love a beer.”

“Are you allowed to drink on the job? Isn’t it a liability issue?” she teased.

“Well, I’m not really the maintenance man…so I think we will be OK.”

She looked at me, laughed, and said “Whatever.”

“No, seriously. I’m staying at my friend’s place upstairs and my name is Pete. It’s not ‘maintenance man’. However, ‘maintenance man’ has a nice ring to it and I’m quite handy around the house.”

“Hmm, you’ve been here before haven’t you? We meet before?’

“Yes, about a year ago. I’m sorry about not being your “hero” maintenance man. Hope I haven’t dashed your dreams about being the amazing maintenance man. And the worse part: I’ve forgotten your name.”

She chuckled and introduced herself. “I’m Lisa.”

She walked over to the fridge, opened it with a bit of flair, and then purposely bent over at her waist to retrieve a beer from the bottom shelf. Her pose helped show off her beautiful ass. And being the red blooded male that I am, I noticed it just like she intended.

“So Pete, what do you do for work besides maintenance?”

“Besides being the sexy maintenance man around here, I’m a writer. Other than that, I split my time between fixing toilets or swimming in the pool.”

“Hmm, maybe I should hang out at the pool a little more often. Do you just wear a pair of tight swimming trunks and some aviator sunglasses when you clean the pool?”

I laughed at her picture of me as the pool man. I raised my glass and offered a toast.

“Here’s to a fun few days here in the sunshine and the pool.” We kinked the glasses together and take a drink. The cold beer was a welcome relief. She sipped her wine and glazed over the rim of the glass. She licked her lips and I saw the coy look on her face of a vixen.

“Why don’t we move out to the deck,” she said this as her hand brushed my arm. I felt her fingers lightly dance across my forearm and my cock got a little stiffer. I knew I was going to be in trouble with her. She swayed her hips ever so slightly. She glanced over her shoulder towards me. We sit out on the deck and soak in the sun together. I refill her wineglass and I have another beer.

Lisa plays with her earrings as she talks to me. I watch her smooth lips move and I know that the beer is helping me get out of my shell. She drops a napkin she has been fiddling with and leans over to pick it up, as she leans over, I can’t help myself and I lean forward as well and we kiss.

It’s a short kiss but Lisa purrs and we continue to kiss. Her lips are soft, and her tongue gently intertwines with mine. Her right hand reaches up to my face and it is quickly followed by her left hand. Her hands cup my face softly, and the kissing continues. I can feel my cock harden. We practically fall out of the deck chairs as we lean toward each other.

She’s giggling a bit, as she stands up, grabs my hand and leads me back off the deck and into the condo. She lets my hand go and walks over the fridge. I just watch her as her sundress accents her curves. She looks delightfully inviting in her thin sundress. I imagine my hands exploring her body more as she opens the fridge to retrieve her open wine bottle.

“You interested in another beer?”

“Sure, I’m not driving.” I know it sounds cheesy but I’m having a hard time concerting on my thoughts as I watch her. She fills out her sundress in a tasteful manner; not squeezed into it. She opens my beer, walks over and hands it to me. She’s close and I smell her sweet fragrance, it’s a faint smell of summer. The smell you create when you know you’ve enjoyed your vacation day. It’s a mix of the hot summer day, swimming, tanning, napping in the shade, and the scent of relaxation. That’s the best way I can describe it. You smell that glorious scent and you immediately want some of it. I lean in more and inhale a little more of Lisa’s scent.

As I lean it, we kiss again. She still holds her wine glass and I’m still holding my beer. With my free hand, I encircle her waist and pull her tight to me. We kiss and lean apart. It’s awkward holding our drinks and rather silly looking. We put the drinks down and now our hands are free to roam over each other’s bodies. I again pull Lisa tight to me; I want her to feel how hard she has made my cock. Merely by kissing me, she has awaken my desire for her. Her hands are up on arms, rubbing my biceps and triceps. She reaches up again and wraps her warm fingers around the back of my neck. She pulls my head gently down and keeps the sweet kiss alive.

At this point, I can’t stop. She is driving me wild. Our hands are all over each other. She’s grabbing my ass and whispering to me that he can feel how tight it is. My mouth is on her neck, I’m kissing her neck, nibbling on her ear, and breathing into her ear. I tell her that she is driving me crazy and that we need to make it to the bedroom or she’s going to make me explode.

Lisa grabs my hand like she did earlier and leads me to her bedroom. I’m feeling alive again. We make it into her room and I help lift her sundress over her head. She stands before me and does a quick little twirl.

“You like what you see?” she asks.

Before I can answer, she closes the gap between us and is running her hands up under my shirt, directing me to take it off. I pull off my shirt and she is running her fingers up and down my chest. My hands are massaging her shoulders but I can’t stop staring at her breasts. My right hand slides down her chest and pinches her nipple. I bend my knees slightly and my mouth is on her other breast. Lisa moans and gives me the encouragement I need. I love how her nipple feels between my teeth and I alternate between giving each of her breasts some attention. She’s a vocal lover and it helps to direct me in pleasing her. I’m licking her, biting her nipples and her hands are holding my head there as I go between kissing, licking, and teasing her.

She lets me up and kisses me. Her hands are at the waist of my shorts, unbuttoning them. As soon as the top button is done, she slips her hand inside and has her hand around my cock. She’s gentle but I can feel her give it a playful squeeze.

“Hmm, judging from what’s in my hand, you feel like you might be enjoying yourself here.” She pulls her hand out and slides down my torso. Her hands again trail down my chest and she drags her nails along my chest.

When she reaches my shorts, she pulls my boxer and shorts down at the same time. My cock is stiff, hard, and waiting.

Her hands guide my cock into her mouth and she grabs my ass as she takes it deep into her mouth and throat. She goes back and forth, her tongue licking the head as she brings my cock out. She is taking me to the edge. I can’t help but moan and tell her what a wonderful job she is doing. I tell her I’m close and she slows her pace, teases me, keeping me on the edge. To prolong the pleasure, she licks my shaft up and down, takes only the head in and looks into my eyes. I just want to grab her head and ram my cock deep inside her mouth. But she knows what she is doing to me, she smiles a bit, and takes me all the way in.

My knees are growing weak and I tell her I can’t hold off any longer. She has tortured me with pleasure for too long. I feel my come build up and I tell her I’m coming. She grabs my ass, digs in her nails and I’m coming inside her mouth. My hand is holding onto the back of her head, my fingers intertwined in her hair.

“Peter, you taste divine…”

Her voice brings me back to reality. Lisa stands up and I’m stepping out of my shorts. We are kissing again but this time my hand has wandered down to her sweetness. She’s wet and my fingers brush against her clit. She shudders and I find that gratifying. To know my touch excites her and that she wants me. I push her back onto her bed. I’m on top of her, kissing her, her hands are rubbing my back, feeling my broad shoulders. My mouth is on her neck, kissing her, nibbling, and I use the tip of my tongue to trace a line down between her breasts and to her sweetness.

I stop and lick her clit but once. Then I blow on it with a softness that paints a lightness of craving in her pussy for my tongue to continue. I want to tease her like she teased me, to build up the pleasure for her as much as she did for me. Lisa lets a slight gasp out as I lick her sweet spot again. And again. I hear her breathing, her moaning as my tongue increases its pace. My hands slip under her butt and encircle her hips. Her sweet pussy is mine and I intend to focus my talents on pleasing her. I want her to moan and scream until she can’t stand it anymore.

My tongue is in and out, I slowly lick up and down her pussy, but I always get back to her clit. I’m again circling her clit, but I’m sure to trace my tongue down the edges of her labia, dart my tongue into her tasty vagina and bring her to the edge. Her hands are in my hair, then she is grabbing her bed sheets to steady herself. She tastes amazing and I feel her juices on my chin. I can’t stop licking her, pleasing her, feeling her inner thighs clamp and then relax as I make her come.

I kiss her inner thighs and give a playful bite. I start licking her clit again. She arches her back, and I pull her towards my tongue. I love the taste of her. Sweet, a little salty but so delicious for my anxious tongue. My cock grows hard as I lick her more and more. Her moans make me feel like a champion and I know my cock is ready for her.

Lisa is gasping for air and tells me she is coming again. She informs me this is the last time and that I have to stick my cock in her. She can’t handle it anymore. Since it is my final time using my tongue to make her come, I blow a stream of air on her pussy as she pulls me up.

“I need you inside me” She is guiding my cock inside her. She so wet from my licking and her own juices. The head of my cock hesitates just for a moment as it is lubricated by her wetness. I push all the way in, driving as deep as I can. Lisa tells me that feels as if I’ve pushed the air out of her lungs but it feels so good at the same time. I pull myself out so the head of my cock is again at her opening and I slide back in. Her pussy grips my cocks, as I slide back and forth, in and out, and we are both loving it.

“Don’t you dare stop, “Lisa warns me. “Fuck me as long and as deep as you can. You feel amazing.”

My teeth are nibbling her earlobe, her nails are digging into my back. I prop myself up so I can watch her face and listen to her cooing my name as my cock slides in and out. I slow down and I can see her worry I might be done.

“Please, don’t stop now.”

Because of her fantastic blowjob early, I can hold off on coming and make this fuck session last. My cock is hard and I’m loving how she feels as I go in and out. I lick her lips, kiss them, and finally bury my tongue in her mouth. I’m hungry for her and I need to taste her. I slow my pace. I pull my cock out so I can tease her a bit. I enter a little and I kiss her at the same time. It’s a slow technique but she feels so good. I want it be pleasurable for her as well. I resist the urge to just fuck her fast and be done with it. This is way too good for me to rush to a climax.

I feel the urge to come, but I slow my pace more. I can’t stop thinking about how good she kisses…how she tasted as I licked her clit and made her come. I arch my back and slide deep inside her again. Her hands grab my ass and pulls us closer together. My cock is buried in her sweet pussy. Lisa’s head is leaning back on her pillow.

She grunts a bit and lets me know I’m deep inside her. I’m kissing her neck, whispering into her ear how how good she feels as I fuck her. I drive the point home by withdrawing my cock almost all the way out and then sliding it all the way in. I do this over and over; she is so wet, warm, and amazing on my cock. I slide in again and run my arms under her back and tell her we are rolling over. I want her on top.

We roll over and I’m on my back. Lisa’s hand glides my cock back into her and she leans forward so her lovely breasts hang down. I sit up and I wrap an arm around her waist and with my other free hand I’m squeezing her breast. I lick her left breast all around, trace my tongue to her nipple and lick her nipple again. She’s riding me at her pace, I’m licking her breast and kissing her neck. I let my arm relax and she leans back to watch her pussy ride my hard shaft.

I lean back myself and watch her as she her breasts move along to the rhythm of her thrusts. My cock glistens with her juices, and I can’t stop staring. I bring myself back into reality and my fingers gently touch her clit. She shudders a bit and lets out a moan. I rub my thumb on her clit and at the same time, pinch her nipple a bit. She throws her head back and starts grinding against my thumb. My other hand drops down to her hips and pulls her closer, ever so slightly. I want to make her come hard again. And I want to come deep inside her as well.

It’s early summer and the breeze off the lake is flowing through the open patio door. Her hair is covering her breast a bit as I play with nipples, rolling them between my fingers. I brush the hair from them. Lisa leans forward and places her hands on my chest. She grinds her wet pussy on my cock and I’m massaging her clit.

“I’m close to coming, Lisa.”

She smiles at me and brings her face to my face. She attacks me with an amazing kiss, like she can’t get enough of me. I can’t get enough of her either. My hands are feeling her smooth skin as she rises up and down on my cock, her long black hair tickles my face. She leans back once again, brushes the hair to one side and dangles her fingers across my chest. My hands have moved to her hips and she redirects them to her clit.

“I need you to rub my clit like you did before. I want to come with you.” I don’t hesitate when she tells me what she wants. My thumbs are rubbing her engorged clit. I let her lead the pace and instruct me on making sure I hit the prefect spot. She’s moaning, and I feel the need to come.

“Lisa, you are making me come, “ as my cock is deep herself her. She arches her head back and I can feel her shudder over and over again. She grinds into me and gasps as her orgasm hits her hard. The strong feeling of excitement and pleasure is wonderful for us. She shakes and trembles as I’m thrusting up into her. My stomach muscles tighten as I feel the last bit of come leave.

She’s screaming and yelling as her orgasm flows through her. Her body spasms and shakes. She finishes and falls forward onto me. Her head is positioned under my nose and I inhale deeply. I smell the pleasant scent of her hair, the ambrosial, fragrant smell of our hot lovemaking mixing into the summer breeze, wafting from outside.

“ Thank you….that was intense. You really know how to make a guy happy.”

Lisa is rubbing my chest, she pushes herself up, and looks directly into my eyes.

“You better believe it was intense. I thought this weekend was going to be fairly dull since my friends canceled on me. You just made this weekend a bit more interesting. Especially, if this is any taste of what there is to come.”

“I’m all yours. I brought my laptop, I have decent WiFi, and plenty of food and no place to be.”